Koji Jewel Pops and Slushy Maker

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Koji has some awesome products that would be great for anyone on your list. Our favorites are the Jewel Pop Mold and the Slushy Maker! These are only available at Target, and Target.com.

Jewel Pop Mold

This Jewel Pop Mold can make up to 8 pops at a time. This makes frozen pops in about 6 hours. And its as easy as Pour, Freeze, Pop, and Enjoy!

First, you pour fresh juice into the mold, put in the freezer for 6+ hours, Pull them out, Pop, and Enjoy!

These wearable Frozen Pops are great for any popsicle lover. Check them out

Slushy Maker

This Slushy Maker makes slushies, milkshakes, and smoothies fast. You can have your own in about 7 minutes, with NO electricity!

Create your own unique drink by adding blended fruit, juice, soy milk, chocolate milk, coffee, etc. It comes with an inner core, an outer sleeve, to keep your hands from getting cold, and a special slushy spoon.

First, keep the inner cup in the freezer so its always ready for you when you want to make a special drink. Add the inner cup to the outer sleeve, pour your mixture into the cup, and stir and scrap the sides to create your perfect drink.

The slush will form in as little as 7 minutes!

You can check those out

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