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We always have tons of people at mom and dads house. There are 12 of us when everyone gets together on a normal night. Add those to all the guests that come by, all the parties we have, and all the family and friends that visit on the weekends and holidays. There’s always something going on.

So with all the people around, of course that means a busy restroom, and we found this awesome product that will deodorize your toilet while it is being used! It’s called The KOR SmartToilet and it is a “flush valve replacement kit that eliminate 95% of odor in seconds.”

Less oder in the bathroom is always a great thing. It has a Dual Flush Option as well, where you can do a half flush, or a full flush, so you can control your water usage.

This equipment goes inside your toilet tank, and you can choose the one that fits best; top flush or side flush. And you can actually install this yourself, no need to hire anyone. They even have a simple step by step video you can follow for installation.

Get out odors, and keep your bathrooms nice and fresh with this KOR SmartToilet…But thats not all!

If you get a KOR SmartToilet, you can even receive a warm and cold water bidet with it!

KOR has two types of bidets; Cool Water Bidet, and Cool and Warm Water Bidets. You’ve probably heard of these being big in Europe, and I had only seen them in “rich people’s” houses here in the states, but KOR makes them completely affordable and you can start using yours in less than 15 minutes. Installation is easy and you can do it yourself with no problems. Check out these reviews:

We think this SmartToilet is going to be great, and are getting ours all set up to test out. Will let you know our experience soon!

Check them out HERE.

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