Kuhn Rikon Safety LidLifter (Can Opener) and Frying Pan

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One of my pet peeves while cooking is a bad can opener.  It difficult to find a good one that is going to last, one that is going to help open cans with minimal efforts, and open cans safely.  But, we found the Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Safety LidLifter, and think this one fits the bill! 

This Ratchet Safety LidLifter makes it so easy to open your cans, without hurting your hands from gripping, or turning.  You actually don’t turn this one at all.  Simply place the LidLifter on your can, and pull the handle up and down until it makes a full circle around the can, and lift the lid right off.  

Watch this quick video below…

Simple to use, no turning required, and no sharp edges on your cans!  

Get your Kuhon Rikon Ratchet Safery LidLifter here.

Kuhn Rikon also has a great 30 cm frying pan, which is perfect for our large family.  This pan has a 3-laye non-stick coating with titanium particles.  So it’s easy to clean, and makes it easy to cook too.  It heats up evenly, so your food will cook all at the same time.  We love the silicone handle, that makes it easy to grab when we’re cooking and doesn’t get super hot like the other metal handles do.  It comes in a 30 cm and 20 cm as well, so can be great for whatever your needs.  It is also dishwasher safe! 

See the pan here.

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