Kuhn Rikon Cupcake Decorating Sets

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We have two awesome kits from Kuhn Rikon that we believe are such a great idea for those bakers in your life. This first kit is called the
“Ultimate Cupcake Set”.

And it includes everything you need to bake some great cupcakes. This kit makes it easy to bake, fill and frost all kinds of cupcakes. It comes with a Cupcake Corer, 6 Silicone Baking Cups, a Frosting Spatula, a Batter Bottle, 2 decorating bottles, 1 decorating/Filler Bottle, and 3 Decorating tips. It makes it easy to make filled cupcakes, so you can create whatever flavor filled cupcakes your heart desires. And, it’s so simple! All you have to do, is fill the tube with whatever filling you want to use, bake your cupcakes, and insert the tube straight down in the middle to add the filing. Then you can decorate your cupcakes with the decorating bottles, and tips included. All you need is the batter and frosting!

They also have a specific kit for decorating with frosting called the “Frosting Filler Deco Set”.

Have you ever baked cupcakes or a cake and thought it was such a mess to frost? Your bag breaks, you have to constantly re-fill or it ends up being too full? This Kuhn Rikon “Frosting Filler Deco Set” makes frosting cupcakes, cakes, or cookies a breeze. Simply open your can of frosting, place the filler into the container, and press down. The whole can of frosting should be inside and ready for you to start decorating. Less hassle and mess.

And for those of you who like to make your own frosting, like mom, you can pretty much do the same thing, or spoon it into the filler. And voila! Easy to use, easy to decorate frosting fillers. They also come with a set of their own tips so you can create all different sorts of designs on your baked goods. You can add any regular tip you already have as well. This kit comes with one squeeze bottle, a handled plunger, 1 Bottle Base Cap, 1 Scraper, 2 Flower Tip Bases with Couplers, 2 Tip Covers, 3 XL Decorating Tips, and 5 Standard Decorating Tips.

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