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I have a serious case of wanderlust…always wanting to be going somewhere new, and seeing and experiencing different things.  One day I ran into a scratch-off map, where you scratch off the places on the map that you have been (kind of like a lottery ticket).  I thought it was the coolest idea.  The idea is to scratch off all the places you have traveled to, and it helps keep track of where you have been.  Cool idea, right?  

While researching these maps, I ran into an awesome company called Landmass Maps, and thought these were the coolest ones I had seen.  

The World Map even has specific states you can scratch off, so you don’t have to scratch off the whole country, if you haven’t seen it all yet. 
And not only do they have such an awesome world map…with the country flags at the bottom… but they also have a map of the United States as well!  

This was the first time I had run into a US Scratch Off Map, so had to reach out to them.  One of my to-dos on my bucket list is to visit all 50 states.  I have about 10-15 left, but what a great way to track it!  

These maps are beautiful and make me want to travel so much more.  

Check out all the Landmass Maps here.

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