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Learning Resources is another great company that has lots of learning toys! One of our favorites was the Shining Stars Projector.

This one is designed for children 3 and up, and projects space pictures on their walls. It comes with 5 different sets of “slides” and can be a fun show for the kids. It is a kids projector, so no need to worry about them breaking it easily. It’s very colorful and is a lot of fun for the kids to set up and show their friends and siblings (or mom and dad).

We also loved the Robot Mouse Coding Activity Set. This set is for children 5 years and up and helps kids learn about problem solving and critical thinking, as they create a maze for their “mouse” that lights up and makes sounds as well. The kids get to create their own mazes, and can create so many different designs. It’s a very durable and heavy set too. None of this cheap stuff with this company.

We love toys that teach and Learning Resources has a ton.

Check them out HERE .

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