Lugz Women’s Seabrook Shoes

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Being a girl from Southern California, my wardrobe consists of lots of summer dresses and pretty sandals.  But sometimes, I can’t wear sandals on certain occasions or certain places. (No open toes shoe policy at work, maybe running around town on a rainy day, etc.)  I’ve always been deterred from wearing my dresses with shoes, cause I was never able to find a cute, light pair that could go with anything.  I would see lots of girls pulling off the dress and tennis shoes look, and I just could never seem to find the perfect pair.  

But then I found this simple white pair from Lugz.  They’re very lightweight, but durable at the same time.  Now, I don’t have to feel weird about wearing clunky tennis shoes with my summer attire.

These white Women’s Sneakers are from Lugz’s Seabrook Collection.  They are made with canvas on top, and durable rubber soles.  They are great for a clean, summery look, and durable enough to run around wherever the day takes you.  They come in several different colors, including black/fushia, black/blue, grey, white, and more.  

You can check out Lugz Seabrook Collection here.

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