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A year ago, my boyfriend “B” said he would really love to get his own 3D printer.  I laughed.  We looked them up and saw they were $1000 for even the cheapest ones.  They looked complicating and unrealistic for just a hobby.  A year later, we found Print M3D.

M3D has unites that are affordable and user friendly for even the newest users to 3D printing.  I became extremely interested in their Micro 3D system, and we decided to go for it.  The Micro 3D is light and portable and is a perfect machine to start out with. 

We are brand new, and had never messed with 3D printers before, so this is the perfect start.  You can make seriously anything your heart desires.  The Micro 3D machines come in several different fun and vibrant colors.  And the awesome part about it is you can see the magic at work inside, as the sides are all clear!  Again, we are brand new at this, so we definitely haven’t mastered it, but we are so excited about all of the possibilities.  

Going out for the night but don’t have any jewelry to match?  Print it, like our friend from M3D!  Need the perfect figurine cake topper?  You can make it!  Decorations, helpful tools, accessories, toys, you name it, you can probably print it!

Micro 3D also has tons of different filaments that come in many different colors and types, depending on what you plan on making. 

What was once a product that seemed only for professionals or the upper class, is now a fun, innovative product that is both user friendly and affordable.  We are so excited to see what we can come up with!

Start your 3D journey here!

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