MintVine – Make Money Online- Rounding Out Our Top 3 Survey Sites

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If you’ve hopped on the online survey train with us, and want another way to make money (and add to what you’re already making with QuickThoughts and HarrisPolls), here’s one more to round out our top 3 favs.  

Introducing MintVine!

About MintVine is also a website you can use on pretty much any device that connects to the internet.  (No need to take up valuable space on your phone for another APP).  For every point you earn on MintVine, you earn a penny at payout.  MintVine pays out in PayPal cash or Dwolla, or “you can request an electronic gift card from Tango Card and their participating retailers.”  Payments take about 3-5 business days to process.


MintVine will send you survey opportunities in your email, or you can just log on, and head straight to “Survey Street” or “Points Place” to find surveys.

Payout for non-qualified surveys

MintVine is another survey site that pays you for any survey you start, even if you find out you aren’t qualified to complete it.  Sometimes its 3 point, sometimes its 35.  MintVine seems to offer the most surveys of the three sites we’ve reviewed so far.  They will email you when there are surveys available, or you can just log in and go to “Survey Street”.  Every survey will tell you how long to expect and how much you’ll earn.  As well as how many points you can get if you don’t qualify.  MintVine’s payout is pretty good too.  So you won’t be spending tons of time without it being worth it.  

Daily Polls

An awesome bonus to this site is their “daily poll”.  Every day, you can answer one multiple choice question for 5 points each day.  Do it for 10 consecutive days and you’ll get 25 bonus points!  I haven’t had time to keep up with surveys that much these past few months, but I make sure to still do the Daily Poll Surveys everyday.  

Here’s a hint:

I just leave a tab open in my browser on my phone for quick opening to answer my Daily Poll everyday, even if I don’t have time to take surveys

…just like I do with Dailybreak to get Free Magazines…You can check that article out HERE.

In just 6 month of doing only the Daily Poll, you can make $18.25…and $36.50 a year!  You can cash out at $10.

Things we love Most about MintVine:

-Daily Polls! Easiest 5-10 seconds a day to make money!

-Payment even if you don’t qualify.

-Only need $10 for a payout

-Fun surveys with opportunity for bigger earnings

Things we don’t care for:

-14 day hold of points- For surveys completed, Mint Vine has a 14 day pending period…which is kind of lame, if you just need one more survey to cash in.  Your Daily Polls go straight to your account though.


Thats about it!

Recruit Surveys

One of the best things that we’ve experienced with MintVine was a “recruit Survey”.  It was location-based, so in this particular one, you had to live in LA County, but we were selected to participate in a music survey, rating several hundred songs for $40 to our PayPal account.  And we were able to recruit our friends and family! In the end, we earned $160!

MintVine goes up in our book because they have the opportunity to offer more after just the typical surveys.

And thats why they’re rounding out our top 3 survey sites.  

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