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Well hello there, Money Makers!

Wanna know how I made a little more than $120 in Amazon gift cards in just 2 months?
(Plus another $125 in the next month?) 

Wanna make some easy money doing some quick surveys?  

Then this post is for you! 


I have been checking out a ton of survey sites for the past several months now, and have found this one to be the quickest way to make money*.

(*read: gift cards).  

QuickThoughts has to be in my top 3 survey sites and is always the first one I recommend when people ask about making extra money from online surveys.  I have tried lots of survey sites to make a little extra money and I have found that, for me personally, A LOT of them are just not worth it. (We’ll review these in future posts).  But this one has to be one of my favorites so I figured I would get you guys started on this one now.  

We were sitting in the hospital room killing time waiting to be released, the day after Jennae and Aaron had their 3rd baby, and Aaron showed me this APP.  

It’s called QuickThoughts, and is an APP you can download on your phone or tablet.  It is not a site you can use on your computer. 
You get rewarded in Amazon or iTunes gift cards, depending on what device you are using.  That would be my one negative about it, as I do not use iTunes, but I have an iPhone…so really, this APP doesn’t help me much.  However, I have an Amazon tablet, and I use Amazon A LOT, so downloading the APP to my tablet was a no brainer for me.


First things first, depending on what device you are using will determine what reward you will get from doing these surveys.  So, again;

Apple devices get iTunes Gift Cards.

Other devices get Amazon Gift Cards.

I would say, from my experience, 95% of the surveys you do, pay $1 for your time, and can take anywhere from 5-25 mins (on average…I have done a survey that took 2 mins, and have been asked to do one that was said to take 35 mins…I skipped that one).

I take these surveys while I’m doing my hair and makeup, getting ready, making dinner, or just hanging on the couch watching TV.  So I am making money doing things I have to do anyway, which is great for me…I am a COMPULSIVE multi-tasker.  

It is not a get rich quick thing, but you can definitely build your money rather quickly when you have spare time (HA! what is that, am I right?! 😉 

And here’s the good part, you can cash out at $10!  So do it as much or as little as you’d like.  

I make anywhere from $2-5 each day that I do these.  Some are fun, some are super boring.  Some days I don’t feel like doing surveys, and other days I’m on a roll and just want to bank as much money as I can in a certain amount of time.  If the survey is over 20 minutes, I’ll usually get myself disqualified from that survey, because sometimes it is just not worth my time. 

There is also a chance you could be asked to join longer surveys/studies as well. I have participated in 3 within a month, and have made $10 on a 2-day diary, $8 on a 1-day diary, and $100 on a week long study, where I had to write a short essay everyday, and go to a store to take a few pictures. 

All of these were rewarded in Amazon Gift Card money.

So there’s potential to make even more money with this APP.


I have found that this survey APP gives me the most surveys that I am actually qualified for and the surveys that I may start and turns out I do not qualify, they will still give you $.10 for your time.  

My biggest pet peeve while doing surveys is spending time answering lots of questions before they tell you, you don’t meet their needs. This App will still reward you a little bit.  So this one is super easy to make money.


There’s one thing we have noticed with this App too, and it is that, depending on your demographic will be what helps determine how many surveys you actually get.  I get so many more surveys than my mom does, and the sisters with kids get even more than people without kids.  So, don’t be discouraged if you’re not getting many surveys. We’ll have you check out a couple other survey sites to see which one best fits your needs.

Stay tuned for more.

And until then, get busy Makin’ Money, honey!!

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2 thoughts on “EASY SURVEY APP. THAT PAYS”

  1. I couldn’t agree more about the length of time it takes to qualify for some surveys. You spend at least 5 minutes just answering qualification questions and if you don’t qualify (which is usually the case) there is no compensation for your time. That’s awesome that this site will at least give you $.10 if you do not qualify!

    1. Definitely! Thats why I love this site. You will actually get paid for things you don’t qualify for!

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