How to Make Money with your Receipts

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Time to earn some more money!

And this time, it’s as easy as snapping a picture…a picture of your receipts…


Receipt Hog is an APP that will credit you with “coins” for every receipt you upload (that is eligible).  Depending on where the receipt is from and what the total is, will determine how many coins you’re rewarded.

Here’s How to Do It!

  1. Download the APP HERE
  2. Create an account
  3. Start snapping your receipts…from everywhere!

The more you “feed” your “Hog”, the more coins you earn, the higher the payout.

Right now, Receipt Hog pays out in PayPal cash and Amazon Gift Cards.

After you’ve downloaded the APP and created your account, all you have to do is snap a picture of your receipts.  Make sure they’re nice and flat and readable…and that they fit into the picture box.  For longer receipts, just snap the first section, move the camera down, and snap a picture of the rest.

Hit “done”…tell Receipt Hog who went on this “shopping trip” and how your experience was (on a 5-star scale) and SUBMIT!

Receipt Hog will process your receipts and credit your coins to your “bank”, and that’s it!

Collect all your coins until you saved up enough to purchase the item/amount you want.

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Right now, you can cash in…

  • 1000 coins for $5
  • 1800 coins for $10
  • 3200 coins for $20
  • 4500 coins for $30

So obviously, the more you save up, the more your coins will be worth!

And you can use ALL the receipts from your household!  So combine them to earn even more coins.

  • Receipts less than $10 = 5 coins
  • $10-$50 = 10 coins
  • $50-$100 = 15 coins
  • More than $100 = 20 coins

You can earn coins from many different types of stores…all Supermarkets, Grocery stores, Convenient stores, Liquor stores, Toy stores, Drug stores, Beauty stores, etc.

Fast food, restaurants, and coffee stores will be rewarded with a ticket to the sweepstakes award. And retail stores will earn you Spins on the “Hog Slots” wheel.

Monthly Sweepstakes

With the Monthly Sweepstakes, all the tickets go into a drawing for a number of coins, and winners are chosen the first of every month.  Every receipt submitted earns an entry.

Hog Slots Wheel

Retail stores will earn you spins on the “Hog Slots” Wheel.  There are challenges every month where you can earn multiple spins (to earn even more coins) depending on how many weeks you submit receipts.  Snap receipts for one week, you get one spin…3 weeks, you get an  additional spin…snap every week, and you can earn an additional 3 spins!


There are also levels that you can achieve by snapping your receipts every week.  Every level you move up, you get more spins.  Hit Level 12, and you’ll start earning coins instead (100 to be exact).  Then the coins go up from there.  You can only move up levels, you’ll never move back down.

There’s potential to make money with this APP, although it’s not a quick money making APP.  But to get paid just for scanning your receipts?! Easy Peasy! Save up for the year, and you’ll be surprised at how much you earn just by doing so.

Things worth noting

  • You can only upload 20 receipts within a 7 day period.  Wait a couple days and you can upload more.
  • You can only earn 100 coins from your receipts within a week…and then all of your receipts will earn 5 coins, regardless of the amount.
  • If you get a notice that the receipt was unreadable, just do it again.
  • Receipt Hog will take receipts dated up to 2 weeks.

That’s all there is to it! An easy way to make money with little effort! Then cash it in!

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  1. I love receipt hog! It is one of my favorite cash back apps, just because it is so simple to use! I recently stumbled across another app called Fetch Rewards which gives you points for receipts as well and has over 150 brands that give you bonus points, that you can cash out for gift cards :). I’m using all my cash back apps for Christmas shopping this year! (Q2GVW — for a bonus 1500 points)

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