Best of Orlando with the Mazda CX-3

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Heading out on our Best of Orlando trip, we wanted to drive a fun little car that we could zip all around Orlando and head out to the beach as well.  So, we partnered with Mazda, and spent the week with their new 2017 Mazda CX-3.

Its a Compact Crossover SUV.  But not an SUV you’re thinking, it’s a much smaller scale.  It’s such a cute car, and is perfect for those who want the feel of an SUV, but not the huge size of one.

Four of us spent a wonderful 10 days in Orlando, with a quick weekend trip to Cocoa Beach.  We drove all around Orlando hitting the best spots, and the Mazda CX-3 was our trusty side-kick.  Even with the crazy afternoon thunderstorms we would get caught in the middle of, we never felt anything less than safe in this car.  It handled very well, and actually has some awesome safety features included.

Safety Features

For one, there’s a backup camera that is always a huge help!
It also has a built in GPS system that also shows your radio settings as well.  The reason I say this is a safety feature, is because the screen is up high on the dash board for easy viewing.  I have seen cars that have the GPS too low, so it never seems safe to use it.  Look how easy it is to glance down and see where your next turn should be…

Another safety feature, is their Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross Traffic Alert. This is a feature where your car will actually alert you with a beeping sound, to warn you that there is a car in your blind spot when you flip your blinker on.  If your blinker is not on, then a small picture will glow on your side mirrors to show you there is a car there.  But if your blinker is on, your car will beep to show you, you shouldn’t switch lanes just yet.  This is such an awesome feature that I think should actually be standard.  Really smart of Mazda!

Speaking of beeping alerts, the Mazda CX-3 also has a “lane departure warning”, which means, if you are about to cross another lane…and your blinker is not on…the car will give you a warning beeping sound.  Super annoying if you are with a driver who doesn’t use their blinker much, but it will quickly make you think of using it while driving so you don’t annoy all the passengers in your car. This is an awesome feature for new drivers, or elderly drivers who may need a little extra help.

The Interior

This Mazda had a feature I had never seen in a car before.  The speedometer was reflected off from the top of the dash, to a glass plate, so you could easily see your speed just looking through the steering wheel.  No more looking down at the dash, its right at the top. Then when the car shuts off, it goes inside the dash to save it.

The interior comes in a bunch of different options, according to the website (One-, two- or three-tone premium cloth, leatherette or leather interior seating surfaces).  The back seats were roomy enough, for 2 of us to fit comfortably back there with a little leftover luggage…

Trunk Space

We did pack four of us for a 10 day trip, so we had to work on squeezing everything in the trunk the best we could.  We had 3 carry-on sized rolling suitcases, that just fit. The 4th bag we brought sat in the back seat with us.  It’s a decent size for everyday errands, and easy to get all your groceries in, and the seats lean down for more space as well.

There is a small area where you can put other flat items, that are a few inches thick.  This was great for us to stash the GoPro or other things we wanted hidden while we out and about, and were away from the car.

The Ride

We were all very comfortable in the Mazda CX-3.  It drove smoothly, had all the bells and whistles, and even looked nice and sleek, to boot. It performed great in the crazy thunderstorms,  kept us cool from the high temps and humidity…(us Southern California people over here, remember?!), and helped us enjoy our whirlwind vacation to Orlando.  We are definitely fans of Mazda, and even more of a fan when we heard the Starting MSRP is only $19,960.

It’s a great, reliable budget car that would be perfect for a small family.

You can check out all the details of the Mazda CX-3 here.

Thanks to Mazda for partnering with us on our trip!

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