Pre-Planned Meals and Ingredients Delivered to Your Door

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Ok, so I have tons of other posts to share, and they are all on a list right now, but I was so excited about this one, I couldn’t wait! 

I received a coupon in the mail (with my Shutterfly order) for $35 off of a HelloFresh subscription.  

(Then found a $40 off coupon online-that’s for another post….


***UPDATE- We’ve teamed up with HelloFresh and they have given whatthegirlssay readers an exclusive deal until 8/31/16…its a $50 Discount on your first TWO BOXES!! LINK BELOW!**

Wish this deal was around when I signed up. Two weeks would’ve been great!

Now I had never heard of HelloFresh, so I was curious and quickly researched to find…HelloFresh is a subscription company that will send you a recipe with ALL of the fresh ingredients you need to make it…


And the best part, you can cancel or suspend at any time!

This was great for me because…

1). I don’t like having to buy a whole bunch of random ingredients just for one recipe that I probably won’t use again before it expires or gets old, so I usually just skip trying that meal.  

2). I don’t know how to cook for just 1 or 2 people.  Remember, we come from a family of 7, and we have just grown from there.  Which means I usually end up with LOTS of leftovers. 

So unless I want to buy tons of random ingredients that are not in my pantry already, and I am cooking for an army, it gets a little tough coming up with meal ideas.  

Enter HelloFresh! 

This company sends you the perfect amount of food for 2 or 4 people (there is a family size as well) and all of the ingredients*.

(*pretty much…the only extra ingredients I needed to add, that they didn’t send me, were; salt, pepper, and oil to cook with.)

I chose to have my meals delivered on a Tuesday, and ordered 4 meals.  This would have cost $89.50, but with the coupon I had, I paid $49.50.

4 meals for $50 seemed like a good deal to me.  

The box came on Tuesday, sitting right on my doorstep, and I made the first dinner that evening. 

It came packaged so neatly and included ice packs to keep my meats cold. (Free reusable ice packs too! Score!)

The first meal was a Shrimp LoMein.  It turned out great and we had enough for two of us. No leftovers though.

The second meal we made was an Argentine-Spiced Steak with Scallion Chimichurri and Spinach Couscous Salad. Delicious! A little leftover, but not the steak!

Third meal was a Char-broiled BBQ Chicken dish with Summery Potato & Green Bean Salad. No leftovers.

And finally, we ended our week of delivered foods with Skillet Chilaquiles with Adobe Black Beans, pickled Radish and Sour Cream.  We added a couple fried eggs on top, as they suggested to add a little more to the meal. Again, no leftovers.  

(HelloFresh did forget to put in the radishes, we just happened to have some in our fridge.  I emailed them about this and they apologized and gave us a $10 coupon for next time.)

*The first night was the only night I was successful in taking pictures of the meal BEFORE starting to eat it.  The next 3, I forgot until I was already devouring the food! ๐Ÿ˜‰ *

I sound like a chef with the meals I cooked above, huh?!  And I actually felt like one too.  I had such a blast making these dinners, and really enjoyed my time in the kitchen, creating these meals I had never cooked before.  They make it easy and delicious! And, $50 for 4 meals, for 2 people?!
 I think we found a great deal! 

I did, however, suspend my subscription as soon as my box was delivered, until we decide we want to splurge on some good meals again. To me, $90 per week is just a little steep, but the great thing is, you can start it again anytime you want.

Thoughts about our HelloFresh Experiment:

-We really enjoyed making new and different meals.

-The meals were very tasty and fun to make.

-They have a Vegetarian option as well. 

-It was nice to have a break from grocery shopping and have all the ingredients arrive on our doorstep.

-Having a coupon really made this deal worth it!

-We haven’t written this company off, but don’t really want to spend $100 for 4 dinners every week, so we like the flexibility to be able to turn it off and on whenever we please.

Want to try it for yourself?
Have a busy week and need a break from shopping?
Want to enjoy a few new meals and have fun cooking?

We’ve teamed up with HelloFresh to give our readers a $50 discount on their first TWO boxes!


-You can cancel at any time.

-You can choose your own meals (classic box only).

Special Offer! $50 Discount on your First two Boxes! Code AUG50HF. Valid for new customers only. Classic, Veggie or Family Box. Ends 8/31/16. Eat fresh & healthy – Shop Now

Click Here to get it NOW! 


And thats, what the girls say! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Let us know if you have tried HelloFresh or any other meal subscriptions below! 

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