Mission Belt

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*Mission Belt was gracious enough to send us this product for free for our review. As always, all opinions are our own, and we really do think this will be a great gift to give your loved ones.

Alright, so a new belt isn’t exactly a “unique gift”, but these belts from Mission Belts sure are!

Mission Belt is unlike any other in that these belts have no holes. Wait, what?! These belts are made of high quality leather and are adjustable to size without the use of any holes. They actually clip in on the inside. No more belts breaking cause there was too much wear on the holes. (and for those who’s weight fluctuates, no need to keep buying new belts each time you go down a size, just adjust accordingly.)

Mission Belt was featured on Shark Tank and even made a deal, they liked the product so much. So of course, it has to be good.

Mission Belt comes in 35MM and 40MM leather belts, and you can get all the different kinds of belt buckles for each. From regular to solid colors, to you favorite NBA, College or Hockey team. We received their 35 MM Solid Black Belt, and even got to check out their Los Angeles Lakers belt as well.

The cool thing about the licensed teams belt is they come in your team colors. For the Lakers belt in particular, there’s an option for a Black, Purple, or Yellow belt and a Laker logo on the belt buckle. Super cool.

They have so many different types to check out, so definitely go see what they have!

And Mission Belt has a great reason for their name. For every belt purchased, you and Mission Belt can help fight hunger and poverty worldwide. So you can “look good and feel good.” We love companies that give back, and Mission Belt is doing just that.

Check out Mission Belt HERE!

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