Monetize Your Blog Without Losing Authenticity

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Monetize your Blog Without Losing Authenticity

Guest Post by Aurora M.


Blogging is quickly becoming a more and more popular career choice, specifically among women and stay at home moms. It can be hard to make the transition from blogging for fun to trying to make money off of it. That’s the dream, right? Making money doing and writing about what you love. When it comes time to make the transition into monetizing your blog, it can be hard to figure out how to do that while still doing what you love, and not selling out.


How to make the transition


Transitioning into blogging as a business can be difficult. You have to figure out how to balance your content to appeal to more viewers, and how to actually make money. One of the easiest ways to start making money off of your blog is through ads. The most common way to start this is with AdSense through Google. Deciding to put ads on your blog can be a hard decision, because it can feel like you’re selling out. Whether or not you feel comfortable putting ads on your blog is a personal decision that’s totally up to you. An alternative is to go to companies directly and try to sell ad space to them, so that way you have control over what ad experience your viewers are getting, and you’re only promoting things you actually like.

Keep your content personal

Once you’re working with more companies and they’re offering you free products and money for articles on your blog, it can be easy to just say yes to everyone, even if they don’t necessarily fit with your blog and what you normally post. Try to resist this and really try to stick with only promoting things that you care about. One of the easiest ways to evaluate whether or not a certain company is in line with what you want, is to think about whether you would make a post dedicated to the company or product even if you weren’t getting anything from the company to compensate. If the answer is no, that you wouldn’t promote the product without compensation, then don’t promote it. You want to stay true to who you are, and your viewers will be able to tell whether your enthusiasm for a product or company is genuine or not.

Make sure to always clarify if a post is going to be sponsored, to remain transparent with your readers.

Continue to post original content


One of the keys to remaining authentic even after you’re working with companies to post their content, is to make sure you’re still posting original content. Make posts that aren’t sponsored, like you would before you were monetizing your blog. You want to strive to have at least 50% of the content you post on your website to be non-sponsored. This helps break up the sponsored content, and it helps you stay authentic. It may seem like harder work to come up with extra content, but your viewers will continue to follow you and your blog if you’re able to keep your content honest and original.

Remember also that if you’re going to monetize your blog, you have to think of it like a business. Stick to a schedule, keep your metrics high, and prioritize the time you spend working on it as you would any other job. This can be hard when you feel low on inspiration. 

This article is a handy guide for brainstorming new topics and keeping the content flowing.

Create a solid, recognizable brand


Throughout the changes your blog will go through, you’ll want to create a recognizable brand that your viewers will continue to recognize as your blog changes. One great way to brand yourself is with a good logo. Having a consistent logo throughout this transformation will help your viewers recognize both your content and your website.

Communicate with your viewers

You always want to make sure that you’re creating content that your viewers actually want to read. You’ll lose viewers, or have a hard time gaining new ones, if you’re not catering to their needs. Try to keep an open line of communication with your viewers, whether it’s directly on your blog or if it’s through social media, to ask them what kind of posts they want to see, and if there’s anything they’d like you to change with the types of collaborations and projects you do. This can also be helpful because it can give you ideas for posts that you wouldn’t have thought of instead. It’s also a great way to make sure that your viewers still feel like your blog is authentic and they’re still enjoying your content.




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  1. This was chock full of good information! I didn’t start making money until I was two years into blogging. The most important thing is building a brand, the rest will follow.

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