Get Money Back AFTER Grocery Shopping!

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This one is for you Savvy Savers AND Money Makers, because you’re kind of doing both!!

Us girls are not typically coupon-ers when it comes to grocery shopping. In today’s techy world, it is both easier and harder to coupon (for groceries).  First off, there’s the coupon hunt…having to search for coupons of items that you want to purchase.  In our experience, coupons don’t really come in the mail like they use to.  Newspapers, sometimes…but it seems to take a lot of work to hunt for coupons these days and we definitely don’t want to have to print them out! And on top of it, I never know exactly what I want to buy until I get to the store anyway.  I start with a list, sure, but I like to decide on others when I just happen to see it. 

So, what’s a coupon-crazed girl to do without physical coupons?! 

Enter IBOTTA!!

It’s this great app that does what I like to call, “reverse couponing”.  It’s great, you buy your groceries, come home, open the app, and see if there are coupons for the items you just purchased.  Scan your items, and your receipt, and voila! Money straight to your account!

The cool thing about Ibotta is that you can look up coupons before you go shopping, or look them up after. 

Ibotta offers lots of no-brand coupons too…like $.25 for chips…any brand! $.25 back for bananas, etc.  So you don’t really need specific brands for those items, you just get money back if you bought it.  

Easy enough, right? And we want to get you started with a $10 credit towards your account after you scan your first coupon (rebate) with our link below! (Or you can type in the referral code if that’s easier for you)…
So, how do you do it?

Download the Ibotta App here…

And get to shopping! 

Once you get home from the store, click on the store you shopped at and look through the items. Then, click on the unlock button when you find an item you purchased. 

Example: Click– Grocery –> Vons –> Milk

Then click the pink “Unlock $__ cash back” button, and it’s in your rebates.  
(Sometimes it has you answer a couple of quick questions, or sometimes you have to watch a quick ad or something…but not often.)

Next, click the green “verify purchases” button, and it will ask you to scan the barcode of the product and then scan your receipt. 

That’s it!! The money goes straight to your account, and you can cash out when you hit $20! You can have that money sent to your PayPal or Venmo, or you can get a gift card.

And guess what?!

Ibotta is not just for groceries either! Some stores will offer rebates back after a certain dollar amount purchase, so be sure to keep an eye out for those. 

another quick tip…

You can use your receipt again! If you found all your rebates, scanned your receipt, and got your money… AND THEN they happen to add a new rebate for something you just purchased, you can add those rebates and scan your receipt again!! 

Receipts are valid up to 7 days, so keep checking the “What’s New” section!

sign up through our link, and you will get $10 after you redeem your first rebate!

Click here to sign up, or use the referral code below…

or referral code:  



There are also ways you can make money using teamwork, if you add your FB friends to your account, and different bonuses along the way for redeeming certain rebates, so be sure to check those out as well.

Alright Savvy Savers and Money Makers, LET’S get to savin’ and makin’! 

Let us know your experience with Ibotta in the comments below!

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