Multi Flask Bottles

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We love our Multi Flask Hydration System.  These bottles from Precidio Design gives us everything we need to make the perfect drink.  From Spa Water, to iced teas…hots teas to coffee drinks, Multi Flask helps make it easy to create whatever beverage we want on-the-go.  There are 2 types of Multi Flasks… 

The 6-in-1 Multi Flask Total Hydration System

The 6-in-1 system comes with 6 bottles in 1.  

-Hot Beverage
-Infused Beverage
– Cold Beverage
-Insulated Cold Beverage
-Powdered Beverage
-Fruit Infused Beverage

It comes with a sip lid, and a spot lid, an Outer Shell, and 3 inner shells, and a tea infuser and power shake agitator.  Perfect for creating whatever beverage your heart desires.  

You can purchase the 6-in-1 Multi Flask Hydration System here.

3-in-1 Multi Flask System

The 3 in 1 Multi Flask comes with 3 bottles in 1…

-Cold Beverage
-Hot Beverage
-Filtered Beverage

It also comes with a tea filter as well.  Each of these make it easy to create our own individual perfect beverage to take on-the-go.  It’s also perfect for those who don’t necessarily get all the water they need in a day.  Make great, delicious drinks in no time. 

You can purchase the 3-in-1 Multi Flask System here.

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