Top 10 FREE Apps to Save You Money

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The Top 10 Must Have FREE Apps to Save You Money

Did you know that you can save a bunch of money at the grocery store just by using your phone? There are actually some really great FREE apps that can help you to save money on your purchases! Here are the The Top 10 Must Have Apps to Save You Money.


This app has multiple offers for products that can be find and just about any grocery store. You can browse their offers to find any products that you would like to buy, then just shop and upload your receipt. You will then receive cash back on all of your qualifing purchases. It is super simple! Enter the code ajwqrda when you sign up for a free $10!

Savings Catcher

This app is just for shopping at Walmart and it is very easy to use. All you have to do is shop as normal and upload your receipt. The Savings Catcher app will then compare the prices of the items you purchased with prices at comparable stores. If they find a cheaper prices somewhere other than Walmart, they will give you the difference in cash back!

Checkout 51

This is app is very similar to ibotta. It is another app that offers cash back on your grocery purchases. You simply shop, select the offers you want to redeem, upload your receipt and then you will receive cash back!


This app is similar to Checkout 51 and ibotta but it is solely for the best organic, gluten-free, or non-GMO foods near you. Redeem your purchases and upload your receipt for cash back. You can find products offered in BerryCart in over 100,000 locations including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Walmart, Target, Safeway, Kroger and more!

Target Cartwheel

This app is absolutely essential for shopping at Target. Cartwheel always has a bunch of offers that will save you a lot of money on the products you purchase. You can browse through the categories on the app to find the items you want to buy or you can even scan the items off the shelf. Then when you checkout, all you have to do is scan your phone to receive your discount!

This app allows you to print coupons from your phone and/or connect your store loyalty card. If you do not have a printer, you can email the coupons to yourself and print them somewhere else like your local library. You can also use digital coupons and upload your receipts for cash back!


This app helps you to save money by either scanning your receipts, linking your store card, or making in-app purchases with online retailers. There’s a “Cash Back Mall” category on the app that features retailers such as Lands’ End, Groupon and more!

Fetch Rewards

This app gives you cash back on your grocery store purchases just like ibotta and Checkout 51. You simply scan your ecent grocery receipt from any store and the app will “fetch” you points on all brands and products listed in the app. You collect points from every receipt you scan and then you can redeem those points for awesome rewards. Enter the code JQ6HR when you sign up for a free 1,500 points!


This app shows you ALL of the best deals that you can get at the grocery stores near you with coupons. Just enter in your zip code and the app will populate all the nearest stores. You can then browse through and check out all of the best deals to save you the most money!

Receipt Hog

This app will reward you for taking pictures of your grocery receipts. For each receipt you upload, you will earn coins which can be redeemed for cash!

This is a guest post by Jessica at Savings Aplenty.

*Jessica is a stay at home/homeschooling mom and has been a coupon blogger for 7 years. Saving money and living frugally is her passion. She loves to find new ways to save her family money every day and is excited to share that knowledge with you at

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