Five Must Have Supplies That Should Be Part Of Your Disaster Preparedness

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With all these natural disasters happening recently, it’s time to do a check and make sure you and your family are prepared for whatever disaster may strike.  No matter where you live, there’s always some possible natural disaster that can happen.  Here are some basic supplies you should always have and keep stocked in an emergency spot at all time, so you can be ready for whatever natural disaster may strike.

 Disaster Preparedness - There have been so many natural disasters lately, that its time to take stock and make sure you are ready with your disaster preparedness kit.  Do you have a disaster emergency kit ready? Its important to know what you need to be prepared for a natural disaster.  Here are some important disaster emergency items you should always have ready in case of an emergency. 

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Probably the most important one on this list, could be the most commonly known…but do you really have drinkable water readily available for you and your family to last you a few days? You can make it much longer without food, power, and all sorts of other stuff, but you can’t make it very long without a reliable source of drinking water.

Its easy to forget to store water, because we can just get it out of the faucet, grab it at the store, or even get it from your hose….however, in emergency situations, water may not be easily accessible, and you are going to want your stock pile ready for if that time comes.  So, first up, get stocked up on emergency water bottles, or gallons of water jugs, or even fill ip some containers of water from home.  You can get water filters to help keep your water drinkable for a longer period of time.

Non-Perishable, Ready-To-Eat Food

Food can be the next “obvious” supply to stock, but you’re going to want to make sure you have it ready at all times.  Be sure not to eat the food that is meant for emergencies, and forget that you need to stock up again.  You’ll want a few ready to eat foods in your “emergency station” at all times.  Think things like peanut butter, crackers, protein bars, and canned foods that you can eat without heating. Obviously, some of these foods you can’t just store for years and expect it to be good, so make sure you either switch items out on a regular basis, or get foods that can be kept that long.  We have lots of these stored just in case.

Another quick thing you can do, is start to stock up when the time of year approaches where natural disasters can occur.  Obviously if you’re in an earthquake zone, there isn’t really a specific time of year, but for Hurricane, or tornado related disasters, there’s usually a window where you know when to be prepared for the most part.  If you ever need to evacuate, be sure to grab this food and water that you’ve been stockpiling. You never know when stores and restaurants will be closed, so you’ll want to be prepared if that is ever the case.

Weather Radio

In this day and age, it may be hard to remember what a portable radio is.  We always have our phones, and electronic devices with us to use whenever we need… but come a natural disaster, and they may not work at all.  A battery powered portable radio can help you know what is going on with the weather, and you can hear all the government updates and warnings you may need to know.  Always keep a spare set of batteries out of the device as well.  You can’t rely on your phones, as power lines, internet, or even the network can go out, or overload, and you’ll be left with no communication.

Flash Light And Batteries

You never want to literally be left in the dark, so having a source of light is a must.  Keeping a flash light and spare set of batteries is a great start.  You don’t want to be running into things inside your house or outside while searching for things or trying to get around.  We will also add that candles are a good thing to have on hand as well, but you have to be a bit more careful with these too. Maybe even throw in a headlamp too.  We recommend keeping several flash lights and spare batteries. We personally have flashlights scattered throughout the house where everyone knows where they are at all time…thanks dad! 😉

First Aid Kit

A First Aid Kit is extremely important to have, especially in emergency situations like a natural disaster. The size of your kit will depend on the size of your family. You can start with a standard kit but be sure to add any medications you and your family may need. Be sure to check this kit regularly when you add medications as well, since they typically have expiration dates, and you don’t want to be stuck with expired medicine in an emergency.

Having a Disaster Preparedness Kit is essential for if that day comes.  Be sure to always keep it ready and fully stocked to help ease some of the pain should something drastic happen.  Be sure you are prepared when you need to grab your supplies and go.  Our dad has made sure their house has a emergency backpack, where he can grab it and go.  Make this a family project and get yours ready today.

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