My Comfort Wear Heated Jacket and Scarf

Ok, we found the ULTIMATE heated jacket, and cannot say enough great things about it. has an awesome line of heated clothing, and this Heated Black Jacket is definitely one of our favorite items.

Heated Black Jacket

This Heated Black Jacket comes with 3 heat settings; Low, Medium, and High, and can be controlled at just the press of a button, on the chest of the jacket. Click the button on the chest, and hold for 3 seconds to turn on (and 3 seconds to turn off)…this will turn the button red, which indicates it is on high. Press the button again, for medium (white), and once more for Low heat (blue).

This jacket is such an awesome jacket by itself…made with a soft-shell material, it is wind and rain repellent, and is super warm and cozy inside. This would all be enough for us to recommend this jacket to you on this jacket alone, but the fact that it has these awesome heating capabilities, puts this jacket at the top of our list. This Heated Black Jacket is the first jacket in the world with a HEATED HOOD!! How awesome is that?! And you can control each heating zone separately with the double LED control button. Each side of the button can turn on each of the heating zones. The body of the jacket, and the hood. So you can save battery when you aren’t using the hood.

The jacket also comes with a battery pack and wall charger, AND a car charger as well. So it’s so easy to charge on the go (or while on your motorcycle too!)

Click here for the Heated Black Jacket.

ComfortWear Super Heated Scarf Max – Under Jacket Heating System

Don’t want the full jacket? Check out’s
Super Heated Scarf Max
. It’s not just a heated scarf, but has a heated back panel that turns this into an Under Jacket Heating System. So you can wear this under any jacket or sweatshirt and practically turn it into heated clothing too.

This Super Heated Scarf Max comes in black and off white, and features two pockets. The cool part about this product is that the back panel can unzip and turn this into a heated scarf, that you can wear wherever, if you don’t want that much heat, but just a bit for your neck. Another great thing about this Scarf Max, is that it heats up all around the neck, and down each side of the chest. It also has 3 heat settings, High, Medium, and Low.

Click here for the Super Heated Scarf Max.

Each of these products heat up so fast too. In less than 30 seconds, we were starting to feel the heat.

They have heated gloves, heated hoodies, heated beanies, heated neck pillows, and obviously the heated scarves and jackets.

Check them out HERE!

4 thoughts on “My Comfort Wear Heated Jacket and Scarf”

  1. OMG!!! I have the jacket you guys were talking about, I bought one last winter and had to get rid of all my other jackets, Never had a jacket keep me so satisfied with winter before!!! I’m so happy I bumped into this post!!

  2. We bought a scarf for my sister in law last year and she loves it! My boyfriend and I bought have jackets as well. Defiantly worth having during the winter.

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