Night Runner 270°

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We saw Night Runner 270° on Shark Tank, and knew they had a winning product.  So much so, that we reached out to them so we could test them out to be added to our gift guide.  Runner Lights was kind enough to send us some to test out and see what we thought.  

A few of us ran Tough Mudder a couple years ago, and it was tough to get some training in during the day time hours.  So, many times we were left to running at dusk, or even after the sun went down.  

With Night Runner 270°, there’s no more worry about running or taking a walk in the dark.  You just slip these on your shoes, and power them on, and you’ll have a nice lighted path the whole way.  These Runner Lights are extremely convenient and work great.  

Night Runner 270° is a small unit that clips onto your shoe laces and lights up your path for up t0 30 feet!  There are lights in the front, and also a red light that can be seen from behind you, which is great for cars, or anyone behind you, to know you are there.  

They come in 2 colors, neon and black.  And they also don’t need to have batteries switched out all the time, because it charges with a USB chord, and the battery lasts about 4 hours. 

These Night Runner 270° LED Shoe Lights are awesome for any workout, run, or activity done in the dark.  We love ours, and think this is such a great product. 

Get your Night Runner 270° HERE.

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