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Sometimes we need our phone to be hands free but still close and available…like driving with your phone’s GPS.  Nite Ize makes it easy with their Steelie Desk and Dash System. 

This is a magnetic device where you stick one side to the back of your phone, and the holder wherever else you would like.  We have one for the car, on the dash, and one standing for the desk.  Simply place your phone on the holder and you can use your phone hands-free. 

This makes it super easy and safe for doing tasks like using your phones GPS in the car while still driving hands-free.  We first discovered these at Bass Pro, but…

They are available here at as well.

Gear Ties

These are flexible and re-usable ties that you can use to tie pretty much anything you’d like.  They come in several different sizes and colors. 

See their collection of Gear Ties here.

Rugged Optics Case

And last but not least, rounding out our 3 favorite products by Nite Ize…their Rugged Optics Eyeglass holder. 

This holder is great for keeping your eye glasses or sunglasses protected no matter where you are.  With the hard shell case, it protects your glasses from getting smashed.  Just clip it to your backpack, purse, belt, etc.  

See them here.

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