Oakiwear Boots

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Women’s Rain Boots

I am in love with my new Rain Boots from Oakiwear. They are actually my very first pair (remember, we’re from Southern California, we don’t see much rain). I have seen rain boots around a lot, but I never really liked the styles, or most of them seemed cheap and flimsy. But these Rain Boots from Oakiwear are super stylish, and very high quality. They are made of flexible rubber and have a 1 1/4″ Block Heel.

I chose the Oakiwear Oxbow® Rain Boots in Navy and Pink. They have so many different colors and designs to choose from, and some are taller, or shorter than others, so whatever your preference, Oakiwear is sure to have it. Check out their women’s line of Rain Boots HERE.

Children’s Winter Snow Boots

They also have an awesome children’s line of footwear, winter wear, rain wear, and summer wear. Really, they have it all. We got to check out these Winter Snow Boots in Navy, and they are just the coziest, warmest boots around.

The style is great and it does the job. It has a waterproof rubber shell at the foot, and has suede leather on the upper part. It also has “Seam-sealed waterproof construction that locks water out and keeps in the warmth.” We can’t wait to take our little boy to the snow to run around and play.

We are now HUGE fans of Oakiwear, and can’t get enough of their products.

Check out what else they have to offer, HERE!

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