Adding Extra Income with Opinion Outpost

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*This is a Sponsored Post, but as always, all opinions are our own.*

Hi there, Money Makers!

We’re here to add another awesome survey site to your list that can help you raise your survey earnings this year.  Surveys are such a great and simple way to make money from home, and add to your income with just minutes a day.

Here’s another one to add to your list…

It’s called Opinion Outpost

This is a website where you can just log on to your computer, and start surveys right away.  No need to waste space on your smart phone with an app, to make some money.


Here’s How It Works

You can sign up for Opinion Outpost with your email, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn account. Once signed up, verify your ownership, and you’re good to get started earning money…

You should then get a Welcome Survey to fill out and you will even get 5 points for doing so.   After filling out this survey, you have a better chance of getting more surveys catered to you.  

The Surveys

Opinion Outpost makes it super simple to create a profile and start earning points right away.  You can go straight to the website and start taking surveys at any time, no waiting for an invitation.  However, you will also get Survey Invitations in your email, in case you aren’t always on the site to keep checking in for more surveys.  


Opinion Outpost offers a variety of different rewards.  You can cash in your points for PayPal cash at the $10 reward point (or 100 points), get an Amazon Gift Card at only the $5 reward minimum (for 50 points), iTunes Gift Cards, or even give your points (turned into money) to charity…with just 5 points, you can donate 50 cents to the Red Cross.  You can also get a entry into their $10,000 quarterly drawing for just 1 point.


Opinion Outpost also has a Badge system, where you can earn badges for how many surveys you take, your first payout, how long you have been with Opinion Outpost, etc. This makes it more of a community as well, and is a fun little bonus to the site.

Things We Love About Opinion Outpost

  • Opinion Outpost has LOTS of survey opportunities.  They seem to always have something available, unlike some of these other survey sites where you have to wait for an opportunity to open up.
  • You can choose between a variety of payouts…from PayPal cash, to a donation to the American Red Cross.  You get to decide how you spend your points, which we love.
  • They have a low minimum for payout, which means faster earnings in your pocket!  You can cash out with a minimum of 50 points, for a $5 Amazon Gift Card.
  • Quick Payout after “cashing in” points.  No waiting 3-4 weeks for your reward to come in.  It takes just a few days (if that) to get your rewards.
  • Survey Invitations in your email.  This helps remind us to check the website and do a survey when we forget.  

Things We Think They Can Improve On

  • Reward for Unqualified Surveys.  It’s always super annoying when you spend 5 minutes (or more) on a survey just to be told you don’t qualify…being rewarded (even a little bit), helps take some of that frustration away.  We would love to see Opinion Outpost rewarding their members for their time if they start a survey.  (Although you do get a entry into the monthly drawing…we still prefer cash/points). 

Sign up and start earning your rewards now at Opinion Outpost.

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