Our Generation

We discovered a great line of dolls and accessories that are high quality at a super affordable price! They’re called Our Generation Dolls, and we absolutely love all the accessories you can get with them too. Growing up, we loved our dolls. I personally would save up to buy by doll accessories, so these products are some of my favorite to get little girls. Here are some of our favorite Our Generation accessories…

Gourmet Kitchen Set

This Gourmet Kitchen Set is everything you could want for a doll kitchen set…or a real kitchen set for that matter! 😉 It seriously comes with everything. A stove, sink, microwave, dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator. And that’s just the big stuff. Then it comes with cooking utensils, plates, a pan, measuring cups, pitcher, bowls, and even some food! Check out the list of everything included…

Wooden Wardrobe

This Wooden Wardrobe comes with the wardrobe, a stool with a removable seat cover, and hangers. The wardrobe comes 2 doors, one with shelves, and one with a bar to hang the clothes, and a pull out drawer. The bigger door has a mirror on the inside and a pull down shelf to make a mini vanity stationas well.

This is a perfect place to keep all your Our Generation Doll’s clothes, and keep everything organized.

My Way and Highways 4 X 4

This My Way and Highways Jeep is a perfect addition to any doll collection. Our little girl loves the pink, and can take her doll out for a spin around the house. Our little girls love playing with their dolls and accessories, and this one is such a fun addition to their collection. This jeep comes in a few different colors as well.

We LOVE Our Generation Dolls and Accessories, as they are great products and super affordable.  There are so many different dolls available from Our Generation, so you can get the perfect match for any little girl on your list!  

The Our Generation line is available at Target or target.com, or you can check out Creative Kids Stuff.

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