Pantry Re-Do

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We are working on a whole new kitchen re-do, and still in the middle of some things, but we just could not wait to tell you about our new pantry!! <3

We live in a typical 80’s California track-home, so some of the stuff in the house is nothing to write home about, and our pantry was one of those things.  Just your typical built in shelves.  No walk in pantry, no bells and whistles.

Although we did have really deep shelves, it was quite hard to reach things in the back, and quite easy to forget and ignore whatever was stored way back there.  Everything would pile up towards the front, because fishing out a box of chicken broth from the very back became such a chore.  We decided to make the pantry our spring project, and got to researching ways we could organize it to make it more efficient.  And boy, did we find some gold!

We ran into a company called

Woodworker’s Hardware, and absolutely fell in love with their wooden pantry pull out units.


“You mean, we can pull out all the shelves to our pantry and be able to see and reach ALL of the food in there?”  Say no more, we were sold!

We measured out our space carefully, (they come in several different sizes for whatever your needs), and decided on 2 separate units, one for each side.  The units came in quickly and we could not wait to get them set up and say goodbye to our sad, outdated pantry.


The units came in large boxes, with everything packed nicely and organized to make it super easy on us.  We unpacked the boxes and decided we would put them both together at the same time.

Now, I am more of a visual person, so I was happy to see a super easy video to follow step by step right on their website.  We kept the directions on the side in case, and mom and I got to work!

First the destruction!!

Since we were putting in these pull out units, we had to get rid of our big shelves.  Now, I can be an impatient person when it comes to DIY projects… I just want to get it done…So sometimes, I tend to go the more…let’s say “creative” route, than the “right way” to do it.  We looked up a few youtube videos, and the general consensus of getting rid of these shelves was a small saw to cut it into pieces, and gently pull them out.

We didn’t have a saw at our disposal at the time, so I improvised with what we had…**NOTE** I am not recommending you do this…but if you are anything like me, you just want to get it done!  Just don’t go run off saying “that’s what the girls told me to do!”  Ha!

Yes, I used a crowbar…shh!!

I just smashed the shelves until they came out…easy peasy!  But please be careful, whatever your method.  I also want to note that our shelves were only in the wall with a shallow staple, so be sure to check your shelves before trying to take them out, and maybe research a better way to do it! 😉

Setting it up:

We won’t bore you with the how-to’s on the exact steps to put it together, but if you are interested, check out the video above. ^

Tools you may need:

Power Drill
You don’t need a huge one…here’s a decent one for a good price.

WrenchWe used this one.

Measuring Tapehere’s our favorite! It’s digital!

It took us a few hours to get the two units set up…with a few interruptions.  If you follow the video and the directions, you should be fine.  Our recommendation would be to watch the video entirely before trying to follow along, and make sure you get all the tools you need.  That way, your process will be much quicker.  After you have all your tools and the box unpacked, follow the video step by step (or the directions included), and you will be on your way to having a new and improved roll out pantry system.

We cannot say enough how much we are loving our pantry!!

You can add your shelves at whatever height you want, and it comes with more than enough shelves too, which is great.  These wooden shelves have a metal bracket to help hold your items in, without them flying out every time you open your pantry.  We are still working on what the best way for us to organize it is, but it is looking so much better.

The units have a tracking system at the bottom, so they pull out smooth, and go back in with a small nudge.  It takes a little muscle pulling it out (after all, you’re bringing out ALL the food that is in there), but isn’t super heavy and it goes back in easily as well.

Final Thoughts:

We love it!!  We still have to get handles to mount to our doors (not pictures..yet), so we will update you when we pick those out.  Right now, we mounted the same doors we had back on, and just pull from both sides.  Will be getting handles soon!

We already have so many other ideas on how we want to use all the different units from Woodworkers Hardware, like their under-the-counter trash can pull-out unit, and their pull out cupboard units. We are huge fans, and will continue getting their products for our kitchen re-do!

Check out Woodworkers Hardware site to see what project you can get done next!

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