Peppy Pups

Is your young child asking for a puppy this Holiday Season, but you just aren’t ready for the resposibility?
This Peppy Pup is perfect!

It is a soft, plush dog that will walk and run with you. Just grab the lease, and walk like you’re walking a real dog. The Peppy Pup will walk along right behind you, bouncing and jingling right along.

This Peppy Pup can run, jump, and wag his tail…just like a real dog. AND, it doesn’t require any batteries! What?!

Our kids LOVE pets, so we think this one is going to be a hit!

Peppy Pups comes in Peppy Pup Brown Dog, and a Dalmation Dog too.

They each have a bell that rings when they walk, and their head turns and bounces with each step.

This sounds like such a fun gift for those little ones who just aren’t ready for a real-life pet quite yet.

Click HERE to check out the video, and get the Brown Pup.

And we found a few more Dalmation Dogs HERE.

Peppy Pups Facebook Page

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