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I have always had a problem with not having enough space on my phone!  I feel like I am constantly having to delete pictures just to have enough room for my phone to even function.  But now, Picture Keeper Connect makes it easy to store all your pictures, videos, and contacts on this little device, so you can save room on your phone to take more pictures! 

You can swap your pictures over from your phone to Picture Keeper Connect without having to worry about using your data, or finding wifi.  And, your pictures are not stored online, so you get to stay in control of them and not have them floating about in “the cloud”. 

It’s simple to use too.  Just download the free app, plug the drive into your phone or smart device, and click “Start Backup”.  You can even get creative with your pictures in the app.  

It’s tiny and portable and can be used in any phone or smart device.  Take the pictures from your phone, and you can plug it in to moms phone for her to have and see all the pictures of her grandkids.  There is no internet required! 

Keep all your precious memories safe on this Picture Keeper Connect

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