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I was introduced to Pimsleur by a friend who was telling me how easy it was for them to learn a foreign language through their process.  And I have learned that Pimsleur makes it super easy to learn lots of foreign languages quickly and efficiently. 

The thing I love most about Pimsleur is they teach you right off the bat, normal everyday conversations.  Instead of learning words like… cat, dog, hair, or shoe, I could have a full on conversation, in just the first 30 minute lesson.  Within those 30 minutes, I learned how to ask the person I was speaking to (male or female) if they understood english.  I also learned how to say that I understood a little of the other language.  

I am in the process of learning Polish right now, since my boyfriend is Polish.  Some of his family members only speak Polish, so I wanted to be able to communicate, even a little, with them.  Polish is a very difficult language to learn, but Pimsleur is making it a bit easier for me.  Pimsleur has language courses in both CD and MP3 form. 

The CDs are a bit more expensive, so we recommend getting the MP3 files that have everything you need, and you can download it to all of your devices, so you can learn wherever you are.  Each language course is 30 days (30 lessons), and each lesson is less than 30 minutes long.  

I am also a visual learner, so I was a little unsure that just listening would help me learn.  However, there were also reading lessons included in the Polish course, so that helped me a lot.  If you are wanting to learn a new language, in an efficient and effective way, definitely check out Pimsleur.  They have so many languages available.  

Check out their courses here.

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