PlanetBox Lunch Boxes

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PlanetBox is a great company working on helping with eliminating waste from packaged foods with their line of lunch boxes.

They help eliminate waste, save money, and make for super easy clean up. They also have each section pre-portioned, so you know how much to eat, and can actually help you decide what to eat as well. If you forget to pack veggies, “the empty compartment will remind you!”

You can even save money by buying your foods in bulk rather than pre-packaged foods, and save on baggies, by packing your foods in the existing compartments. PlanetBox Lunch Boxes are easy to clean as well. They are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher safe. These PlanetBoxes don’t hold in odor either, like the plastic lunch boxes do. PlanetBoxes come in different styles as well, so you can choose the perfect one for you.

And you can customize them too. PlanetBox comes with themed magnets you can choose to decorate the front of your box. Change them up, and you’ll have a whole different look. Perfect for children AND adults.

They also have add ons you can get. A bag to carry your box in, a bottle for your drink, flexible dividing cups, a jetpack backpack, and fork and spoon sets. PlanetBox has all your to-go lunch needs, and you can see all of those HERE.

These PlanetBox’s are built to last and are sure to give you great use again and again.
Check them out HERE.

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