QuickZip Zip-On Sheets

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Last Summer, I purchased a new bed.  It’s a platform bed, where the mattress sits inside the frame with no box spring.  It looks great, but I ave a major problem with the sheets staying on…(thick, double pillow top, mattress)  The mattress is extra thick, which causes a corner to come off, almost every single night.  Every morning, I’m left trying the best I can to squeeze my hands between the mattress and the frame to get the sheet as far down as possible.  So I went searching for a solution, and I came up with gold!  

We found QuickZip Zip-On Sheets!

There is a company called QuickZip, and it has solved all our sheet problems.  These QuickZip sheets are seriously amazing and so so easy to use.  The first time you put them on your mattress, will be the toughest, since you’ll need to get the sheet around your mattress, (like you do with all your other sheets) and you never have to do that again!  

The top part of the sheet zips off the sides and you throw the top into the wash, and after you dry it, you zip it back on the sides of the sheet.  It’s the easiest thing to do! The zipper starts and ends on the same corner, so all you have to do is line up the 2 logos, and you’ll know where to zip.  Line the logos up, attach the zipper, and zip it all the way around the bed.  

This is such an awesome product for those who have a tough time putting sheets on, those who have issues with their hands hurting or working properly, or those who just like things  that make life easier.  They have sets for kids and babies too.  We got a set for one of our little girls who is 4 years old and has potty accidents every once in a while in the middle of the nights.  These make it super easy to zip off the sheet, and special mattress pad, and zip on the dry one quickly so she can sleep till the morning.  

The crib sheets are actually how and why QuickZip started this company.  The sad statistics of babies who pass away because they got tangled up in the sheets, they pulled off their beds is horrifying.  QuickZip decided to do something about it.  The crib sheets don’t just tuck around the mattress like normal sheets.  Instead, they wrap around the entire mattress and all you have to do to clean the sheets is, zip off the top and you’re done.  Wrap around sheets, mean the baby can’t pull them off and get tangled up in them.  Keeping your baby safe, and you at ease!

Check out QuickZip HERE and see how they can help you make life a little easier.

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