Paradise in Maldives at Robinson Club Noonu

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Maldives All Inclusive at ROBINSON Club Noonu

ROBINSON Club Noonu is what you will find, if you look up “paradise” in the dictionary…with a beautiful picture of their all inclusive resort in Maldives. When you arrive on the island, they say “welcome to paradise” and they are not lying!

We stayed as guests of ROBINSON Club Noonu, but you know the drill…all opinions are ours!

After your flight to Male, Maldives, you can take a quick 40 min plane ride to catch a 35 minute speedboat to this beautiful island.

The minute you step foot on the island, you leave all your cares and worries aside, and you are taken care of your entire stay. Right at the arrival jetty, we were greeted with a green lei, (maybe made of a palm tree frond?) and given a glass of champagne (or an iced tea option). We had our own personal guide to tell us everything we needed to know, as she walked us to the reception area to get all of our info. ROBINSON Club Noonu is on their own island time, so it’s an hour forward from the rest of the Maldives, “to enjoy more sunlight”. It is an all inclusive resort, so everything is taken care of…with a few extra perks added.

Overwater Bungalows

We hopped on a golf cart, after we checked in, and they drove us to our incredible overwater bungalow…

We thought we had stepped into paradise just being on the island, but the moment we stepped into our room, everything got that much better.

The room was big and airy, with a ceiling fan and air conditioning that almost makes you want to stay inside all day. It has a comfy king size bed with a couch (or extra bed), a desk, tv, mini bar and closet. Inside the closet, were 2 white robes and 2 pairs of slippers. The bar is stocked with complimentary tea, coffee and water that is re-filled daily. The mini fridge is fully stocked as well, and you can have anything in there for a small price.

And then, we opened the bathroom door and….it’s almost as big as the room, with an awesome outdoor shower, stand alone bathtub, and an overwater hammock to lay on. It also has a his and hers sink, a closed shower, and separate toilet.

But it doesn’t end there…throw open the curtains in the bedroom, and you see why you came here. I had dreamed of an overwater bungalow with a private pool, but little did we know, ALL of the overwater bungalows at ROBINSON Club Noonu have their very own private infinity pools!  We also had a sunset overwater bungalow, so we relaxed outside every night before dinner watching the sun head into the ocean. The double sliding glass doors open up to the most beautiful view of the turquoise Indian Ocean and your very own private infinity pool. On the deck, there are 2 padded lounge chairs and a round sofa with pillows to relax outside.

You almost don’t know what to do first. Jump in the pool? Take a dip in the ocean? Cool off in your outdoor shower? Lounge in the overwater hammock?!  Of course we had time to do all of them…multiple times.

The views alone make you want to just stay in your bungalow all day, but there’s so much more to see and do on the island.

All-Inclusive Food and Drinks

Since it’s an all inclusive resort, you get a breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet and dessert everyday at the main restaurant. There are 2 bars, the main restaurant, and 2 other paid restaurants.

You also get unlimited drinks at both of the bars on the island. (A few drinks are excluded from this, but they will always inform you of the price before you order.) There are even waiters that will walk around all the common seating areas and take your order for drinks. I saw a kid drinking a mango smoothie, and that became my go-to drink for the rest of the time. So good.

We really enjoyed the food at ROBINSON Club. There is something for everyone. The breakfast buffet had 2 egg stations…one for omelette and one for fried eggs…a whole sandwich bar, breads, Maldivian breakfast station, fruits, muffins, pancakes, donuts, fresh squeezed juices, and tons more.

Lunch is similar to the dinner buffet, but a bit lighter type foods. The dinner buffet had lots of different stations, where chefs would prepare your foods. Specialty dishes, fish, chicken, beef, salad, and breads…they had different items every night so we saw lamb, ostrich, lots of fish, seafood buffets, and steaks. There’s a huge selection, so you can definitely find something everyone in the family will like.

Then there’s the dessert buffet. We had ice cream almost every night from their ice cream bar, and there were lots of different cakes, pies, fruits, and dessert toppings. One night they even had a white chocolate fountain to dip all your fruits and treats in.

There are 2 specialty restaurants on the island as well, in case you wanted to enjoy something other than the buffet. One overwater restaurant, where the chef prepares your meal right in front of you, and an indoor air conditioned restaurant where you can order specialties like lobster. They can also set up a “romantic dinner”, where they set up a table and chairs right on the beach for you to enjoy a special menu as well.

We stuck to the buffets, because they were delicious, and we always found a great table near the water.


The resort hosts entertainment pretty much every night. We enjoyed a local island band on the beach our first night, an acoustic set by them the second, a “Full Moon Party” on the beach, and a special “Gala night” on Easter.

There is a big infinity pool out near the main area, with fun inflatable toys, (there was an inflatable unicorn when we were there), with lots of lounge chairs around, all facing the beach. The main bar has a pool table, some foosball tables, and some other games you can play as well.

ROBINSON Club Noonu also has a special club for the kids, where they can hang out there during the day, with the staff, and you can go have your time without kids.  Perfect time to go check out the Spa on the island.

They have a huge WellFit center with sauna (although we kind of laughed about a sauna, since it can feel like a sauna in Maldives already!), fitness center, volleyball and soccer fields. There are also classes everyday that you can join as well.

The water sports center has a list of activities you can do for an additional cost. Kayaking, jet skiing, fishing and snorkel tours, as well as scuba diving and local island hopping as well. Here, you can pick up a set of snorkel gear, which is complimentary for your stay. We enjoyed a snorkel adventure right outside our overwater bungalow. There is so much life over the oceans, that you don’t even need to go in. But tons more if you swim in the reefs outside your room, or near the water sports or arrival jetties.

Definitely get out in the water and see the awesome fish, sharks, and rays they have out there.

Getting to ROBINSON Club Noonu

You don’t have to wait to get to the island of ROBINSON Club Noonu to start your relaxation. As soon as you land, there’s a representative of ROBINSON, that will take care of you every step of the way. We arrived by boat, since we were on another island prior to our stay, and had a plane transfer from the airport to ROBINSON Club Noonu. The representative found us, grabbed our luggage, and took us to a lounge where we were able to wait, out of the heat, until our plane was ready. Our representative checked us in for the flight and took care of our bags, then brought us our boarding passes, all while we ate lunch in comfy chairs and surfed the web on the WiFi in the lounge. There’s even a “by the minute” spa in the lounge where you pay for your massage per minute. Our flight was delayed twice, and we were informed each time by an attendant, and didn’t need to worry about keeping track of time. As soon as our plane was ready to board, they came and got us, and escorted us to the plane.

On the way there, we took a small plane, which was a 45 domestic transfer, and a 35 minute speedboat after landing.

The other option (which we did for our return flights) is to fly by seaplane. It’s a bit more expensive, but a bit more exciting too. If you’re looking to save money, go for the domestic plane and speedboat, or just go one way by seaplane.


-The dive center on the island will give you a snorkel set complete with mask, snorkel, and fins to use during your stay.  You can check the set out on your first day, and then return it on your last day.  We snorkeled all around our bungalow, and there are some great spots by the dive center and the arrival jetty as well.

-An awesome gift we got while we were there, was a free professional photo shoot around the island.  If you book a shoot, you get one free printed photo to take home with you, and of course the option to purchase any others you like.  We fell in love with our photos, so definitely purchased lots more.

-And speaking of gifts, ROBINSON Club Noonu went above and beyond for us during our stay.  We were there for Easter, and came back from breakfast to this awesome Easter gift in our room. They also had a “Golden Egg Hunt” for everyone on the island, that kept us all busy for hours!

-As soon as we stepped off the boat, we were greeted by our own personal welcome team, with a lei and champagne.  They sat us down and explained everything about our stay and answered any questions we had.  It was a very warm welcome!

Good to know/Recommendations

We recommend booking an overwater bungalow even if it’s only for a couple nights. (We recommend at least 2 nights, so you can enjoy a full day there). It’s something you’ll want to experience at least once, and you get your own infinity pool!

You don’t have to stay a whole week in the overwater bungalows. If you’re trying to save some money, the beach and garden villas were just as nice (and some even have their own pool as well). Split up your time between on land and overwater, if you’re there for longer than 4 days.

Get in the water.

First off, the water is so beautiful and clear here. You will see tons of sea life even just looking from above. We saw sharks, rays, a family of squid, and lots of colorful fish just from the jetties.

But, Maldives is sooo humid and hot, that you’ll want a break from the island heat. We recommend taking a tour on a boat, swimming in the water, and staying in the shade for a good part of your day. ROBINSON Club Noonu supplies umbrellas to help keep you cool as well…definitely use those!

We would tell you to hydrate, but we’re sure you already know that. But, we’ll let you know that there are drinks in the main bar, and sundowners bar, at the restaurants, and complimentary water in your rooms that are filled each day.

Download the ROBINSON Club app, to know what is going on each day. They let you know about the fitness classes, tell you where the entertainment for the evening is, and sometimes they even have themed nights, like our “wear white” for the “Full Moon Party”.

Bring a couple nice outfits. Even though it’s not necessarily a fancy dinner, it’s fun to dress up. Since we were in the middle of our Around the World trip, we didn’t pack too many fancy clothes, but we didn’t stick out terribly, even when wearing our casual clothes.

Snorkel gear will be provided for you during your stay. You will also get a beach towel in your room.

There are several bats on the island that we saw even during the day. They are fruit bats and don’t bother people at all. They are fascinating to watch.

Oh, and you’ll see roosters and chickens running around. (We saw several baby chicks too!)
I personally am a magnet for mosquitos, and luckily, we had no problems with bug bites on the island!

ROBINSON Club Noonu is on “island time”, so they are one hour later than the rest of Maldives, so you can enjoy more of the daylight.

Be sure to leave yourself enough time for transfers. You might need more time than you think, as we had to wait a bit for the seaplane to take off.  Talk to the transfer manager, and they will be sure to help you book the best flight back so you don’t have any stress.

English is widely spoken on the island, all the food signs will have it translated in English at the restaurant as well.

No need to Exchange money. Credit cards are accepted everywhere on the island. You can also charge everything extra to your room and pay at check out.

Use the photographer! While we were there, each room was gifted a 30 minute photo session and one 6×8 photo. The professional photographer on the island will take you out, and snap lots of fun pictures of you and your partner and/or family. Later on, you’ll be able to see all the photos and pick out your favorite that you get to go home with. If you like more than one, you can purchase additional pictures, or even the full session on a USB. We fell in love with the pictures and were given a great price, so we got them all. The photographer is very professional, and helps give you poses too, which was great for us, because we don’t ever know how to pose ourselves. He had it all down to a T and shot some winners for us.
Maybe even our “Save the Date” pictures? 😉

Lounge at airport – 
We stayed on a local island prior to our stay at Robinson Club Noonu, so when we took the speedboat back to the airport, we had a couple hours before our flight.  There was a representative from ROBINSON who took care of us the entire way.  He checked us in for our flight, took our bag, and showed us to the lounge to wait for our flight to the resort.  We had lunch and a couple drinks while relaxing with wifi and a/c.  They also have a spa available where you can pay for massages by the minute. We had no problems waiting for our flight.

ROBINSON Club really takes care of you! From the minute you land to the minute you take off, they’re there to make sure your vacation is seamless.

We can’t recommend ROBINSON Club Noonu enough!
You can check out all they have to offer here.

Not heading to Maldives yet?  ROBINSON Club has several resorts around the world.
See them here.

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  1. Hi there, I came here via the best places to travel round-up. I had never heard of this company before and they seem reasonably priced. Do you know if the all-inclusive includes the flight from Male to the island or is that extra? And, how long did you guys stay? Thanks Nikki

    1. Hi Brit!

      So glad you found us. Yes, Robinson Club Noonu was an amazing Maldives getaway, and has very competitive prices. We were there for 4 nights and had a fabulous time. The seaplane ride over there is extra, but you can also book a jet boat ride over as well, for a bit cheaper. We actually took a jet boat there, and seaplane back (bucket list item we had to check off 😉 ) Definitely a dream vacation!!

  2. this article brings back so many memories from my 2018 trip to the Maldives, one of my favourites ever! I even got to do some amazing diving at the Maaya Thila (, and I highly recommend it, even the best snorkelling does not beat diving.
    anyway, I simply can’t wait to be back, the waters, the beaches, the weather, the locals – ah! the Maldives are truly a gem in this world. gonna try the Robinson Club Noonu next time, looks great!

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