Save Money on Gasoline!

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It’s time to save money on GAS! Gasoline, that is!

Driving to work…kids to school, practice, recitals, games…running errands all around town.

 “Didn’t I just fill up my car last week?!”

Seems to be a popular motto with our family! But we’re here to show you one quick and easy way to save a little money on your next fill up.

Ever see 2 gas stations just down the street from each other (or sometimes right across from each other) and one is $.20 more per gallon than the other?  Or you go on a road trip and you paid $.30 more per gallon than the gas station just 2 exits further?

“If only I knew this station was up here!”

Well, now you won’t have to pay the higher price anymore with this Awesome APP!

  It's called It’s called “Gas Buddy” and it can really be your (traveling) Buddy!

Gas Buddy is a free APP you can download to your phone, and shows you prices of all the gas stations in the area.

All you have to do is open the APP and click “Find Gas Near Me”… Or type in a city or zip code if you want to search in a different area.

It will come up with a list of gasoline prices, station names, and a map with directions for each. You can even change how the stations are sorted. Sort by price, sort by distance, or sort by “top tier”.

You can even change the Fuel Type; Regular, Premium, Diesel, etc.

Once you find a station you want to go to, just click on it, and it will come up with all the station details…prices, directions, and most often than not, pictures.

How is this all Free?!

It’s pretty much member-ran, as members report prices when they get to a station.  Members can update prices to let you know what it is that day. Prices are typically updated everyday, and some times even every hour thanks to these members.

Do you have to report?

Not at all! Just click where you want to find gas, and start saving that money! You don’t even have to have an account to use Gas Buddy.

Save on Road Trips!

This App has saved us SO much money, especially on road trips.  You know the ones where you have 100 miles left on your tank, and you’re passing a rural area, not sure when the next gas station is gonna be…Do you tank up at the $4.45/gal station, or pray there’s a cheaper one up the way?  Well, now you don’t have to worry any more. All you do is check the map feature on Gas Buddy, and you can see what station are (or aren’t) coming up!

Gas Buddy is available ALL over the US, Canada, and australia!

And as Gas Buddy will always remind you…

Get the Gas Buddy APP here

And there you have it! Easy as pie, way to save on Gasoline! And speaking of pie, you can buy one with the money you saved from your next fill up! 😉

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