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Boy, have we got a deal for you! We have an AWESOME and super easy way to get you FREE Magazines!  And that’s magazines, plural!! Not just one magazine issue, but a one year subscription (and sometimes even two year subscription), to a number of different magazines.  And all you have to do is collect points by scrolling through articles, playing games, spinning a wheel, and many other fun “tasks”.

Seriously, the EASIEST thing you can do!
(To get FREE magazines)

Now, we’re not just talking some random, unheard of magazines, either.  We’re talking GQ, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Better Home & Gardens…the works!!  Women’s Magazines, Men’s Magazines, Food Magazines, everything!

So show us the way, already!

Well, here it is… it’s a website called…

Here, you are rewarded points for random activities you do.  Read some articles, take a quiz, do a hidden “what’s different about these two photos?” game, do some trivia, some Mad Libs, or even just spin the wheel for points everyday.

So what is Dailybreak?

According to, it is “the only place on the web that rewards you for reading lists, taking quizzes, and playing trivia.”

And it’s really just that! Dailybreak has articles or posts they call “Breaks”.  They are divided into; News, Laugh, Lifestyle, and Entertainment.  These breaks actually make the reading fun and easy as well. You’ll find everything from lists of “25 Things to Do Before You Die”, to lists of “Obscure U.S. Laws Your Probably Didn’t Know.”  Trivia stating “Would You Pass an American Citizenship Test”, to “Would You Rather…” questions.  Quizzes like “Do You Know the Lyrics to These 90’s Songs”, to “Are You More Tina Fey or Amy Poehler?”

There are games like Mad Libs, and “Can You Find the Differences in these Photos?”.

They’ll show you recipes…top AirBnB’s…and teach you about the top 5 things you missed in the news this week.  This website has everything you need to get lost in it.

But what does that have to do with Free Magazines?!

Glad you asked! Here’s the best part!

This website having awesome content could be enough for it to stand alone, but Dailybreak takes it one step further…actually, we’d call it a leap!  They will credit you points for every list you read, quiz you take and every trivia you do.  Basically, anything you do on this site, you’ll be rewarded points.

The more points you earn, the higher level you’ll reach, the greater opportunity to earn even more points!  You can collect all those points and redeem them for prizes.

Now here’s where the magazines come in….

When you’ve earned enough points and you’re ready to redeem for prizes, you have 2 options…

-The Sweepstakes Rewards – where you can “buy” a ticket to be in a drawing to win a certain prize. (which we don’t do, but who knows, someones gotta win, right?!)

-The Store Rewards – which means you’re actually “purchasing” the item you want with your points.

In the store, you have the option of getting Gift Cards from Amazon, Starbucks, AMC, iTunes, Target, etc….A monetary donation to a number of non-profits, OR a 12-month (sometimes even 2 year) print subscription to a magazine.

The only negative thing about the store is that the gift card options are seriously expensive (in our opinion of course!).  You get about 5 points for each break you complete (you get more points for each break the higher you level up).  And a $5 gift card cost 10,000 points!! All that time doesn’t really seem worth it to us…

BUT… a One or Two Year magazine subscription will only cost you 500 points! No, not a typo…not 5,000…. FIVE HUNDRED! And most magazines are WAY more than $5 for a year subscription…so really, who’s getting the better deal?! We definitely think that magazines are the way to go!

It’s even fun to send them as a surprise to friends and family too!

You can only “purchase” 2 items in the store per month, and the magazines are continually rotating.  I once saw a magazine that was only up for 1 day!  Went back the next day to grab it, and it was gone.  So grab it while you can! (Although, this was a rare case, as most magazines seem to be up for a good portion of the month if not the whole month or even longer.)

“This is all good, girls, but I don’t have time to be messing around on a website everyday!”

Well then…here’s my tip…

I used Dailybreak a little at the beginning for entertainment whenever I had a free moment, and racked up some points doing “breaks”.

But then I discovered the Daily Spin!

You can spin the wheel one time every single day and potentially earn more points.  BUT, for every consecutive day you spin the wheel, you’ll get another spin up until you hit 7! So, if you log on everyday, (I just keep a tab open in my browser on my phone, and take 30 seconds to do my 7 spins a day), you can spin 7 times, every day!!

I typically earn anywhere from 5-30ish points a day doing so.  And each spin can give you 0-35* points.
(*I only say 35, because that’s the most I’ve gotten…I know you can win more!)

So all you have to do is spend a few minutes building up your points, then literally 30 seconds a day to keep your points up and be able to get 2 magazine subscriptions a month!

**Keep in mind, these subscriptions are like any other magazine subscriptions and can take 6 weeks or more to get processed (plus waiting for a new issue to be mailed after that).

Something we found a bit odd, was we never received a confirmation email or anything.  By the time I had forgotten about the first magazine I ordered, I had a Vanity Fair sitting in my mailbox!  So, it seems questionable, but in our experience, magazines have been delivered!

So there you have it, guys! Not only a super fun interactive website, but also a way to get FREE Magazines!!
Head on over to start earning your free magazines at !

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