Shark Genius Hardwood Floor Cleaning System

*Shark was gracious enough to send us this product for free for our review. As always, all opinions are our own, and we really do think this will be a great gift to give your loved ones.

We just put in some hard wood floors a while back and they are great. We love the look! The only this is, we can’t just run a vacuum over it and call it done anymore like we use to on our carpets. A regular old school mop just doesn’t cut it. It’s also a lot of work and can take a toll on your back. But then we were able to try out the Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System, and it has changed the way we look at cleaning the hardwood floors.

This Hard Floor Cleaning System not only cleans the spots before your eyes, but it also sanitizes your floors at the same time. And with a baby crawling all around in the house, that’s exactly what we need.
The Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System is so easy to use too.

It comes in a box of 3 pieces, that were as easy as clipping them together to create your cleaning system. Simple click the handle in with the body, and clip the body into the head of your mop, and your assembly is done and you are ready to start cleaning and sanitizing your floors.

The Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System also comes with an extra mop/rag and a funnel for easy pouring.

All you have to do to clean and sanitize your floors is;

-Add water to the open pour area and fill the water to the fill line.

-Plug it in and wait for the steam. (We plugged it in and it started to steam in less than a minute.) You will hear it starting up, but it took me a minute to realize it was steaming right in the mop head, since I didn’t see the steam. It was steaming right in the mop head and onto the floors, unlike a handheld steamers you use on your clothes. We didn’t see any steam until we moved it around a bit. There’s really not much waiting for it to get started up.

-You can also choose the setting you want the steam at; High, Medium, or Low. We started with the low to test it out since our hardwood floors are not sealed.

-Start mopping as you would normally. You’ll see your floors getting clean right before your eyes. For tough spots, you just have to lift the Shark Genius, and let the head flip over so the pad is towards you, then let the steam blast away your tough spots.

It’s super easy to use and here’s the best part…you never have to touch the dirty pad! All you do, is lift, push the button, and the pad will fall right off into your washer!

You don’t even have to bend down to put the new one on! Simply lay it on the ground facing down, and out the Shark Genius right on top of it, and it will slide into the inserts. Move the Shark Genius to the right to lock the pad in, then to the left and you’re good to go. Such a great feature!

So what do we think? 

-We love the no-touch pad on and off feature. Really cool not having to deal with the dirty rags at all.

-It’s simple, easy set up from the box.

-Is ready to steam clean in less than a minute.

-It sanitizes your floors! So great for when you have babies crawling around.

-So easy to use without the back breaking efforts.

-One thing we would like to note is, the Shark Genius does not stand up on its own. There is no lock to let it be. Probably because of the movable head, but it is worth knowing. If you have to put it down in the middle of your cleaning, be sure to lean it against something stable that will hold it.

All in all, we love the Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System and would definitely recommend for all your squeaky clean, sanitized, hard surfaced floors.

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  1. Just used mine. Started in our bedroom. We have refinished hardwood floors. Done in 2008. I’m glad for the handy convenience.

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