Rock Your Cleaning with the Shark Rocket Complete

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Finding a decent vacuum always seems harder than it should be.  Finding a great one, darn near impossible.  We tend to have the kind of luck where you buy a vacuum that sounds great, makes all the perfect claims, and works great the first few times…then all of a sudden, stops sucking up stuff like it use to.  Add that to the fact that you need multiple vacuums to clean everything you want to clean.  One for the carpets, another for your wood floors, a handheld one to get up high or to vacuum your couch or car.  What if I told you there was a great new vacuum that can do…it…all?! 

Shark Rocket Complete Vacuum

With Duo Clean Dual Brushroll

This new Shark Rocket Complete Vacuum has a simple set up. Just click together, 1-2-3. It comes with lots of accessories that may make it seem a bit daunting at first, but trust me…it’s not.

As soon as you put the new vacuum together, you’ll notice how top heavy it is…and first thought we had was “how does it stand on it’s own?”  The whole top comes off and hooks easily to the bottom for a free-standing storage.  

Now, we were a little worried about the top heavy part, thinking you would get worn out just trying to push your vacuum around the room.  But that’s where the magic of the Shark comes in.  It actually feels like the vacuum is self-moving and “crawls” on its own.  It helps you glide seamlessly around the room with ease.  One of our favorite parts is that it has a sort of swivel that will help you turn corners, and vacuum under couches, beds, tables, etc.  A quick move of the wrist and your vacuum sends you to those hard to reach places.  

Now that sounds like a super awesome vacuum, am I right?!  But we aren’t even close to being done yet!  That’s only part of what this vacuum can do.  Let’s go back to those “hard to reach places” we were talking about.  All you have to do, is press the button on top and take off the main piece, and you have yourself a handheld vacuum.  And that’s where all those handy accessories we told you about earlier come in.  This is where we have all the fun.  Seriously…just testing out this vacuum, I ended up vacuuming everything in the main part of the house…floors, couches, ceilings, walls, vents, ceiling fans, curtains, under the store and refrigerator….everything!  

The accessories come with an upholstery attachment, one for corners, tight spaces, on “under appliance” attachment.  I mean really, whens the last time you cleaned under your stove?!  The extension attachment helps you get those cobwebs from the ceiling and corners of the walls, vacuum the track of your sliding doors, your windowsill, everything.  My brother-in-law came over as I was testing it out at our parents house, and he loved it so much, he took over and vacuumed another room…floor to ceiling!  Ladies, want your husband to vacuum, hand them one of these! 

Want to know some other awesome features of the Shark Vacuum?!  It has a built in light at the head, for those dark places, and allows you to see the dust and dirt.  It also comes with a brush cleaning tool attached to the bottom and will even signal you when the rollers need to be cleaned.  

The Shark Rocket Complete Vacuum may look small and skinny, but it’s mighty and fierce. We’re putting it on the list of favorites for sure!

Check it out HERE.

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