Showers Pass Waterproof Socks and Baselayer Review and Giveaway!!

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I was searching for warm clothing for a winter trip I’m about to go on, when I ran into this company called Showers Pass. As soon as I started researching, I was immediately intrigued by their “waterproof socks”. Now, I’m usually skeptical about things like this, but really wanted them to work. So we got ahold of Showers Pass, and they graciously sent us a couple of pairs to try out to review. And boy, are they AWESOME!!

*Disclaimer- these items were sent to us for free (even though WE searched THEM out)… But as always, all opinions expressed here are 100% our own.  

We were headed out to go fishing on a really rainy day, (yeah we’re crazy like that), and got all ready, put on our rain gear, and as soon as we stepped outside, there was this awesome looking black box on our door step.  It had our gifts from Showers Pass!  Our Waterproof Socks!! Perfect timing to test them out.  We slipped them on and headed out on the boat.  After about 4 hours of fishing…(IN THE RAIN remember?)…our shoes were soaked, but amazingly, our feet were…wait for it…completely dry!!  

A friend who went fishing with us that day, was wearing a good pair of hiking shoes (ours were normal tennis shoes),  and even his feet were soaked.  We compared the difference between his feet and ours, and all became believers right then and there.  

When it’s time to put the boat back on the trailer, someone has to step into the water, and usually it’s really cold water.  But, we tried out the Water Proof Socks, and were able to do it without getting our feet wet.  
(That is until you step in too deep where the water goes over the edge of the sock…then, not so dry.  But waterproof until you hit just above your ankles.)

So, here’s the deal with these socks:  

  • They look like regular socks, not like water shoes or waterproof booties.  
  • When I first put them on, I could kind of feel the plastic-y layer that’s in between the layers.  But as soon as I put my shoes on, I couldn’t tell a difference at all.  Felt like a normal, warm pair of socks.
  • There are 3 different types of socks available.  
    – A regular pair of waterproof for $35
    -A wool pair of waterproof socks for $39.

We wanted the wool because we wanted the warmest pair.  We’re ready for the snow! 

If we were to rate these socks, we would give them 5 stars.  Super impressed, and really water-proof (until about an inch at the top.  If you get water over that, water will get inside and just sit there.  They’re waterproof, so it works both ways, no water in, no water out.)

Showers Pass
also has so many more items for any outdoor sport. Clothing, Gloves, Accessories, Snow Clothes, Bags, and so much more. Really, you should check them out! And you can do that

They even sent us some baselayers to test out. Now, I’m a girl from sunny Southern California, so I had no idea what a baselayer was or why we even needed them. But, spending time in Chicago, I quickly learned how important they are, and this
Body-Mapped Baselayer
lives up to everything I’d want to keep me warm.

These Baselayers are super warm and not static-y like I’m told a lot of baselayers can be. And the best part about it is it comes with thumb-holes! Super helpful with dressing in layers, and also helps keep your hands warm too. They are really fitted, which is for the best to keep you warm underneath. Their Body Mapped Baselayer also has some style of its own, with details on the back, shoulders, elbows, and under your arms. We are beyond impressed with Showers Pass and think this would be a great gift for the sport/outdoor lover on your list!


And here’s the best part…ShowersPass has agreed to partner with us to GIVEAWAY a pair of their WaterProof Socks to one of our “What the Girls Say” readers! 

So enter below! 

What the Girls Say Showers Pass Giveaway – Waterproof Socks

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