SimpleHuman Trash Can

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We always seem to have a problem with trash cans in our house.  A big problem is with our dogs. They love to open the lid, knock it over, whatever they can do to get what’s inside.  We’ve traded our plastic cans in for heavier metal ones, and we still had to put heavy items on the lid every night so they can’t get in.  

But with a lot of metal/stainless steel trash cans, they can be hard to clean.  Fingerprints, watermarks, etc. can always be a hassle to keep the trash can looking clean.  We also like having a step can that makes it easy to throw your trash away without having to pull up the lid, and we can’t have a push-in/swinging lid because of the dogs…and our babies who like to throw random things away. 

Then we discovered this beautiful trash can from SimpleHuman!

 Can a trash can be beautiful?!  Sure it can…Look at this one! 

This is the 55L Step Trash Can with a Rectangular Liner Rim!

 Why we love this Trash Can…

-The Rectangular Liner Rim hides the liner, so your trash can looks sleek and you don’t have that ugly bag hanging out of it.  

-It’s a step-to-open can, which makes throwing away trash super easy while you have full hands. 

-It features a Nano-Silver Clear Coat that helps keep fingerprints and other messes off the can, and helps make it easy to clean.  (We do still get fingerprints on the can, from the little ones, but they come off with a quick rub of a paper towel).

-It also has a silent close lid.  The lid lifts up and closes easily.  

You’ll see in this picture above, a couple prints on the step part of the trash can, and the top…but with a quick clean even with a dry paper towel, they are gone!  You can also see the Liner Rim covering the liner from the outside.  

It even has a liner holder in the back, so you can keep your liners right where they belong for easy changing!

This SimpleHuman Trash Can comes in many different sizes, shapes, and colors.  There is sure to be a perfect one out there for you. 

Check out this 55L Step Trash Can with a Rectangular Liner Rim

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