Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant

Have you ever wanted to professionally whiten your teeth, but it’s just too expensive?  Dentists can charge over $500 for the whitening, and sometimes/a lot of the time, insurance doesn’t cover it fully.  Smile Brilliant makes it easy and affordable to professionally whiten your teeth with the same professional whitening that your dentist uses, at the fraction of the cost, and you can use it at your own home.  And it’s so simple to use!

Make Your Impressions

You’ll receive your kit straight to your front door, where you make your own impressions at home with the wax and trays provided.  You will make your impressions and mail them back to Smile Brilliant.  You’ll receive your trays, shaped and perfectly fitted to your teeth.  Then it’s time to start the whitening process.  

The Whitening Process

Squeeze a thin liner of the whitening gel inside your molds, brush your teeth with just water, and place the trays on your teeth.  You can whiten between 30 minutes and 3 hours each time.  We personally started with a lower amount of time and worked our way up to the 3 hours.  Towards the end of my first few applications, I had a shooting pain straight through one of my teeth.  It scared me at first, but after some questioning, Smile Brilliant explained how the whitening process dehydrates your teeth, and can give you that “zing” feeling.  It only lasted for a couple seconds, and stopped after the first few times I whitened.  

Sensitive Teeth

Now, I obviously have sensitive teeth, and that’s where my favorite part about Smile Brilliant comes in.  You can get your Smile Brilliant kit with desensitizing gel to help with your sensitive teeth.  After you’re done whitening, just brush your teeth with your toothpaste, and squeeze a thin line of the desensitizing gel, and place the molds back on your teeth for 15-20 minutes.  This helped rehydrate and refresh our teeth.  


Now, I have used lots of different teeth whiteners in the past, so it seems that all my spots may be permanent now, and they may be as white as they’re gonna get.  However, within the first few applications, I could see spots that have clearly whitened and gotten much brighter, so I was really excited about it.  Unfortunately, the next day, those bright white spots had faded.  I used Smile Brilliant for 3-4 weeks and did not have the results I had hoped for, although, I know my results are not typical as I have watched some of my blogger friends get amazing results .  With any product of this kind, results are going to vary.  The best part about this product though is that it’s the fraction of the cost of whitening at your dentist and you’re likely to get the same results.  It’s definitely worth the shot if you want whitening done.  

PLUS!! Smile Brilliant has 100% money back guarantee!

You can see more about Smile Brilliant and some other’s results here.

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