SNAP Power Outlet Covers

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*SNAP Power was gracious enough to send us this product for free for our review. As always, all opinions are our own, and we really do think this will be a great gift to give your loved ones.

Grandma and Papa’s house is the popular place to be, and the kiddos love staying the night there. Now, thanks to SNAP Power outlet light, Grandma and Grandpa have the coolest new hallway night light that doesn’t even take up any plugs!

These new outlet covers by SNAP Power are awesome, and can be used anywhere there is an outlet….the kitchen, bathroom, hallway..wherever you may need a little light at night. The light comes out of the bottom of the outlet, so you still have 2 plugs you can use and still have light. AND it has an automatic shut off.

There are 3 round lights at the bottom of the outlet cover. They are SUPER easy to install as well. Simply remove the outlet cover that is already there, (Be sure to turn off your electrical power first!), make sure all screws are free from paint, drywall, or anything else that may be blocking them, and slip your new SNAP Power outlet cover on and screw in. Brand new, upgraded light fixtures in minutes!
SNAP Power is energy efficient too, and can cost less than 10 cents per year according to their website.

The grandkids aren’t the only ones who make Grandma and Grandpas house so popular. When all the girls are in town, there can be as many as 10 adults, and that’s just on a random Tuesday! So you can imagine at towards the end of the night, the fights we have over charging your phone and gadgets. Not that there aren’t enough outlets in the house, but it’s not the “prime outlet” everyone wants. So we were thankful SNAP Power sent us their extra outlet SNAP Power Charger.

This outlet cover comes with an extra USB port and you still have the 2 outlets to use at the same time!

SNAP Power offers each of these outlet covers in a 2, 4-and 6 pack.

They each also come in different colors, and 2 differnt types…in Duplex and Decor, depending on what kind of outlet you have.

Check out SNAP Power HERE!

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