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Solight Design has a super cool line of inflatable, solar, lanterns that can be used for so many different things. Use them while camping, hiking, or any outdoor activity where you may need light in the evening, or use them for decorations near your pools, in your garden, on your tables, etc.

These Solight lanterns are solar powered and are only 2.6 oz and can be folded to .25 inches thin.
They come in a neatly folded up package, and you just pull it on each end to open or “inflate” to full size.

Solight has many different types…


The Solarpuff is a “Patented solar flatpack + origami expandable lantern.” “The Solarpuff will fully charge in 8 hours in bright sunlight and give 8-12 hours of light, may vary depending on amount of sunlight. 5hr of charging in direct sunlight = 5-8 hrs of light (may vary).”

They are also waterproof, and can float in water and be submerged into water up to 6 feet!

Merlin™ SolarPuff

The Merlin SolarPuff lights up with 6 different colors; red, white, pink, green, blue and yellow. You can keep it on one color, or set it to rotate colors. The Merlin Solarpuff has 10 LED lights and pops open to a 4.3 inch cube. A full charge in the sunlight can provide you with 8 hours of light.


The TwiLight Design is an inch smaller than the SolarPuff, measuring 3.5″. The TwiLight features a Red and White light, as well as a Blinking red SOS setting that can be perfect for emergencies. The TwiLight has 6 LED lights.

Check out the whole line of Solight Design HERE.

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