SoulKix Personalized Shoes

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We are so excited to tell you about this super awesome company we found called SoulKix.

SoulKix makes shoes specially designed and personalized just for you. You can pretty much put ANYTHING you want on these shoes, and they print the picture right on them. This technology is amazing and we are huge fans. SoulKix has shoes for Men, Women, and Children! They are slip on shoes, great quality, AND you can personalize them. We were a little skeptical at first about being able to pit anything on them, but we asked them to make a pair of shoes with a picture of a painting one of the sisters painted for our mom, and they did! Look how awesome these are!

The image is printed directly onto…into?…the material of the shoe. All we know is, it’s not something that can be scratched off, like paint, or stickers, or something similar. The picture is there to last! They turned out great!

You can even put your own logo, team, picture, art, anything you can think of. If you can get a JPEG image, they can make you a pair of shoes. We made this pair for one of our little boys.

He loves Black Panther, Captain America, and Iron Man, and its pretty impossible to find those 3 featured together on most products…(Black Panther is the tough one to find) But, we found a JPEG image, and voila! Brand new, uniquely his shoes.

And you get to create them on your computer to see exactly how you want them to look. Use one picture across both shoes, to make one long picture when put together…you can do mirrored images…or you can do two separate images. It’s all up to you. You even get to choose the shoes color. There’s Black, White, or Black and White. You can play with the design and lay it all out exactly how you want your shoes. That’s one of the best parts. We had so much fun creating different shoes.

We love SoulKix SO Much! They have some shoes that are already made if you’d like to go that route as well, but we suggest making a pair no one else has.

And not like we need another reason to think Soulkix is seriously the coolest company…but the owner was once homeless, and for every pair of shoes that are purchased, one pair is donated too!

How awesome is that?! And what a bonus! Get a unique pair of shoes for your loved ones (or yourself) this holiday season, and bless someone else in need, with a pair.

SoulKix is now on the top of our list for favorite companies!

Thanks Soulkix for being so awesome!

Get to creating your “KIX” HERE , and see what you can come up with!

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