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We love our GoPro and capturing all of our adventures, where we are, and what we are doing, and love looking back over those clips over and over revisiting our amazing memories.  Although one of us loves filming the videos of “us” personally as the main focus, while others like to focus on the landscapes or our views of what is going on.  Both are great, but sometimes its difficult to capture what is going on and the person who is filming it at the same time.  But, lucky for us, we discovered Spivo Stick, and no longer have that problem. 


Spivo Stick has come out with a brand new and improved Spivo 360!  It has the same great functions of the original Spivo Stick, but with improvements.  The “trigger” is now lower, so it is easier to push the button to turn the camera…and has improvements in the salt water, or sandy beaches.  It has a great shake free camera mount and an easy and clean rotation. It now comes in one size, the 20″ (which we thought was the best length anyway), perfect for traveling and fitting into your carry on.

Spivo has come out with some awesome accessories along with the new Spivo 360, as well.  They now have a Buoy Floatation Device, that will hook right on to the stick, so you can use in the water, and not be afraid of it sinking.  They’ve added a new Phone Mount, so you can use your phone with the Spivo Stick as well.  And our favorite, a new WiFi remote for your GoPro.  This makes it super easy to control what you’re doing with your GoPro without missing a beat.  Simply connect your GoPro to your Spivo Stick, and you’ll be making awesome movies and memories in no time! 

Check out the new Spivo 360 here.

With the Spivo Stick, we can capture what is going on in front of us (our view), and turn the camera to capture “us” (our reactions) with just one click of a button. 

No more trying to pull the stick close to you, so you can reach out and turn the camera around, and try to fix it to get the right angle.  Simply secure your GoPro, or other camera device, onto the Spivo Stick, and get to recording. 

Whenever you want to turn the camera the opposite direction, press the button, and the camera will swivel into position to capture what is going on the other direction. 

Now, when we head out scuba diving, snorkeling, snow moiling, etc, its so much easier to capture everything we want around us, and still record us doing the activities we love, as well. 

The new Spivo 360 comes in a 20″ length, which is perfect for travelers to fit in their carryon.

Don’t miss another spectacular moment messing with you camera, get your Spivo Stick here.

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