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Here’s a super fun line of new toys for your mermaid loving little girls! It’s TPF Toys newest line of They’re called Splashlings… “An Ocean Full of Friends”! 

These Splashlings are “collectible characters filled with tiny mermaids and ocean friends.”

And they have just released the second wave of characters, with 100 new characters to collect.  These characters come in mermaids, fish, seashells, whales, and pretty much any friends under the ocean.

The new wave even comes with special color-changing characters as well.  Just dip them in icy water, and watch them change.  

They come in single character mystery packs, packs of 6, or packs of 12, like the ones below.

These are so fun for your little ones to play and create their own little underwater world.  You can even get playsets for your characters, and collect each kind.  

These collectible friends are now available at Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us, Amazon, and Justice. 




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