Star Kids Snack & Play Mats

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Do you travel with your children? Always on the go? Then you should check out Star Kids. They have great products for entertaining kids while traveling.

The Snack and Play® Travel Tray

This Travel Tray can be used in the car, on a stroller, or on an airplane. Use for long or short trips, this Tray is great to keep the kids entertained.

This Snack and Play Travel Tray comes with a firm dry erase, magnetic surface, so your child can draw with dry erase, play with shaped magnets, or roll around their cars, dolls, and other toys.

It also has two pockets, one on each side, with pockets for cups and books. It also features a padded bumper so the toys don’t fall out. This is a great gift for traveling children and parents.

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Play-n-Go Tray Table Cover

For those younger children, you can add the Play-n-Go Tray Table Cover. This can be used alone or with the Snack & Play Travel Tray.

It fits great on the tray, a highchair, in the car, or on an airplane.
It is ideal for children 6-24 months. And includes lots of toys like, a squeaky toy, crinkle toy, a peek-a-boo mirror, removable shapes, and more.

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