Straightening my Smile With Smile Direct

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You guys, I am SO excited to tell you about this company I have been stalking for months, and have  just partnered with…

It is a crazy budget friendly alternative to braces and orthodontic work called Smile Direct.  If you haven’t heard of them before, they’re a company that will send you invisible aligners (to straighten your teeth) in the mail…right to your doorstep!  (As long as you don’t have a P.O. Box of course!) You never have to step foot in an orthodontist office.  AND, they are almost a third of the price of what I was quoted for invisible aligners at an orthodontists office!  A THIRD of the price!!

You already know I love all things deals, and we had a great experience testing out this health test through the mail, so I figured I would give it a shot and see how it goes.

Thanks to Smile Direct for partnering with me on this review!


I had Invisalign in high school.  My teeth were messed up…like bad!  Super crowding on the bottom, and not at all straight on top.  I even had to do the butterfly bridge, which is like a metal expander they place at the roof of your mouth, and you stretch it every day to help widen your mouth/bite.  See, messed up!  (If I find a picture of my before, I’ll be sure to post it.  Just have to search through the thousands of photos at my parents house. Ha!) These invisible aligners worked really great for me, and I ended up with a smile I was loving.  I had some real work done through them.

I was close to the end of my treatment, but then I headed off to college.  It was so hard to go back home and visit the orthodontist every 6 weeks or so to check in.  I actually let a couple years go by, and left my treatment on the back burner, all while my wisdom teeth were growing in.  (I was sure to always keep my retainer in, so my teeth wouldn’t move around even more).  I finally went back to the orthodontist, where I had expected to pick up where we left off and get my last few sets of aligners to finish off my straight smile.  They booked the appointment for me, checked my teeth, and took me to the “conference room” where I was told yes they could fix it, it will be $5000+!  They told me they would have to start a brand new case, and asked how I would like to pay.  (insert wide-eyed/jaw dropping emoji here!) AHH!!

I had just 2 teeth I wanted lined up with the rest of my teeth (one on top and one on bottom on the exact same side, that were just pushed back from straight smile), and I was handed the same amount I (my parents) already paid to straighten ALL of my teeth!  Remember the butterfly retainer?  They did SOO much work, and this one seemed so simple.  (I get it, I’m not an orthodontist, and I don’t claim to understand why it should or shouldn’t be a different amount, but my goodness!)

For a 21-year old girl, fresh out of college, a couple pushed back teeth was more bearable to live with than a $5000 bill.

Thanks for your time, my smile is “good enough!”

Invisalign was so great for me the first time around, but I just couldn’t (and really still don’t want to)  have that bill.

Enter Smile Direct Club

Several months ago, I came across Smile Direct Club.  “In 3 easy steps, Smile Direct Club helps deliver a smile you’ll love.”  And at a price less than $2000, it became a little more do-able for me.

So, there are actually 2 options to get your impressions done now.  The first is, you are mailed a kit to do your own impressions at home, on your own, and mail them back to the company.

The second option was new to me.  They now have Smile Shops available in 19 cities, and I was told they are planning on opening lots more within the year.  There wasn’t one available in Los Angeles, but I was heading out on a family vacation to Orlando, and guess what?! They had a Smile Shop there!  So I decided I wanted to try the 3D scan at their shop in Orlando.

The Smile Shop

The Smile Shop in Orlando was a breeze!  They have a section in a salon, but as soon as I walked in, there were technicians right there in the waiting room, ready to take me in.  I filled out some paperwork/signed the contract, and was asked a few health questions about my teeth.  Then I was taken into the room to do the 3D scan.  All of my questions about the process were answered, and it was really fun to watch my teeth show up on the screen.

That little “pen” looking thing to the right of the screen is actually a camera, that takes hundreds and hundreds of pictures of your teeth to give you a perfect 3D scan of your mouth.

When all is said and done, you’ll have a 3D scan of your entire mouth and they send all the info in to their dentists to start creating your aligners to straighten your teeth.  After the scan, you never have to step foot in an office for your plan again.  Everything gets mailed right to your door.

Within 2 days, I had my complete smile plan in my email, and I have a 360º view of how my smile is going to look each month, and I can see how my teeth will move.  It’s the coolest thing.

I seriously cannot wait to get my first set of aligners in, and start getting my two teeth straightened out.  I’ll keep you updated with the progress! 🙂

AND, Smile Direct has decided to partner with me, to give, YOU, 50% off your At Home Impression Kit OR a FREE 3D Scan at one of their SmileShop offices!

Just use code ” GIRLSSAY ” and you’re in!

Click the link below to find out more!

Smile Direct Deal

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