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We weren’t going to write about this company until we made more money from it and decided it was worth downloading the APP, but they seem to have just awaken from their slumber, and we want you to get in on it now too.
So, here is another Money-Making APP to add to your list.

It’s called 1Q, and is an APP that does exactly what the title says… it will ask you 1 Q(question) at a time.  And you will be paid $.25 (unless you pick the $.50 option) for every question answered.

How it works

* Download the APP to your phone and fill put your info, so they’ll know which questions you qualify for. 


*Make sure your notifications are on and your phone will buzz (or ring) when a question is ready for you. 

*As soon as you get the notification, open the APP and answer the multiple choice question.

*1Q will send you money straight to your PayPal every time you answer a question.  So yes, you will get a lot of $.25 transactions.  

That’s all there is to it!

Things to know:

*Make sure to answer your question as soon as you receive the notification.  There’s a clock counting down how long it takes you and they will close the window as soon as they get the number of response they need.

*You actually don’t HAVE to have a smartphone…you can sign up online and they’ll text you when you have a question, and you can then log onto your computer to answer.  Just remember to do it as quickly as possible.

*You get to choose your reward price point.  It is recommended to select the $.25 payment option per question rather than the $.50, because it is said to give you more questions.  We haven’t tried the $.50 option though, so we couldn’t test this out ourselves, we just listened to the advice of the APP.

*1Q is just finishing their beta testing stage, so they seem to be just really getting started.  When I signed up, I waited over 3 weeks for a question.  Another sister signed up and got a question the same day!  Then I got 3 questions within the next 10 days, and 2 of those were actually on the same day.  So, they’re definitely sporadic, but again, easy, easy quarters!

*They’ll tell you to keep your location services on for more opportunities for questions.  Do this at your own digression.

*As always, with survey companies, they take into account demographics, and locations. Sometimes a different age group will get more questions than the other, parents vs. single and vice versa.

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