Chicco Car Seat NextFit ix- Newborn to Preschool

*Updated July 8, 2019 -*2 years in and the Chicco NextFit ix Convertible Car Seat is holding up amazing! We have had 2 kids in this seat now, and we cannot recommend it enough.

Car Seats these days can be so hard to shop for.  You’re going to want the safest and best for your little one.  There are so many rules and regulations about car seats, that sometimes it can be hard to figure out what is best.  And kids outgrow everything so much faster than you want them to!  The saying “don’t blink” is a serious thing! They grow so fast that you are going to want things that last a long time.  You don’t want to have to buy 4 different car seats per child, and every time you turn around your child has outgrown their seat.  With the Chicco NextFit ix Convertible Car Seat, you’ll be able to use this seat from newborn to their preschool years!

Gifts Every New Mommy Wants But Doesn’t Know It Yet!

Becoming a mommy for the first time is a very exciting thing, and can be very overwhelming as well.  Where do you start? What do you need?  How are you going to do this?!  Even if you’re already a mommy, but having another baby, these questions come up again.  And even more questions can arise.  How am I going to do it with 2? 3 or 4?!  What can I do better with this new one that I learned with the first?  

New Must Have Products from the Chicago Baby Show!

I was invited to the Chicago Baby Show this year, and what a great time it was.  It was on the Navy Pier, so we made an afternoon of it, and had a fun time. 

We found some AWESOME new products, and are really excited to start working with these companies to share their newest products.  But, we just could not wait to share a sneak peak of what we found! 

BabyOasis Bluetooth Sound Machine

Sound Oasis has a great gift for new mommies,  the BabyOasis Bluetooth Sound Machine.  It’s a BabyOasis Sound Machine comes with an SD Card that is pre-loaded with 12 sounds for your little one, (or even you, personally), to fall asleep to.  These sounds include; Car Ride, Ocean, Rain, Heartbeat, and more.  

Baby Time! 

Every mom wants the best for her babies, and Babytime! helps make that possible.  They have a whole line of baby products that are all natural, mostly organic, and contain no toxins or chemicals in their products.  

Keep Track of Your Baby’s Growth and Activities on this Free App!

So, you have a new baby, and you want the best for them…so you try to track sleep times, feeding times, changing times, pumping times, etc.  You’re exhausted, but still trying to keep up with writing down what time it is, how much they ate, when they went to the bathroom last, and so much more… fumbling for a piece of paper, napkin, or anything you can jot down this information in the middle of the night, when you’ve only slept 3 hours.  Keeping up with an activity chart can be exhausting in itself.  But thanks to this new, and awesome, BabyTime APP, you can keep track of everything you need for your baby’s growth and activities all in one place.  

Growing up with Gerber

Our youngest little girl in the family just turned 6 months old! Crazy how fast these kids grow up. It feels like just yesterday, she was coming home from the hospital.   She is growing so fast, it’s hard to keep up.  She loves crawling and rolling all around the room. And now, she even sits up on her own (even though mom tries to keep her from doing so).