The Ultimate Disney Bucket List

Just as you enter the park, you’re overwhelmed by all the shops, rides, and attractions that surround you as you walk through the gates. Everyone has their own agenda from the minute they step foot in the park, whether you were aware of it or not. You already began thinking about what you wanted to ride, who you wanted to meet, and what you were hoping to eat. Maybe this is your first time coming to Disney, or you’re just a little overwhelmed by the parks. Here is the Ultimate Disney bucket list to ensure you don’t miss anything!

A Galaxy Not So Far Far Away…Legoland California Star Wars Miniland

There’s a war going on across different worlds, where miniature lands made of miniature blocks, and they are fighting in a “galaxy far, far away”. 

Or actually, not that far…just in Carlsbad, California….and by “War”, we mean Star Wars…and by miniature lands, made of miniature blocks, we mean mini Star Wars land made of LEGOS!!