Up, Up, and Away – Bucket list Orlando

I had always thought of hot air balloons as something out of a movie.  There’s something adventurous, magical, romantic about hot air balloons.  On very rare occasions, while I was growing up, we would see hot air balloons flying above our city, early on some Sunday mornings on our way to church.  They were always magical and so fun to watch.  The beautiful colors and patterns, and the way they just appear on some random mornings, and not seen again for a while later, are what made them so interesting.  It was something I had put on my bucket list…something I wanted to do one time in my life.  However, it had always seemed like a far fetched dream.  One of those “maybe one day” dreams. 

The Best of Gatorland – Bucket List Edition

When you think of Gatorland, you may this it’s strictly a zoo full of…gators of course! And you get to walk around looking at the different kinds, see the exhibits, maybe catch a gator show, and you’re out.I actually thought something along those lines as well…that is until I learned that Gatorland offers so much more!

Best of Orlando with the Mazda CX-3

Heading out on our Best of Orlando trip, we wanted to drive a fun little car that we could zip all around Orlando and head out to the beach as well.  So, we partnered with Mazda, and spent the week with their new 2017 Mazda CX-3.  Its a Compact Crossover SUV.  But not an SUV you’re thinking, it’s a much smaller scale.  It’s such a cute car, and is perfect for those who want the feel of an SUV, but not the huge size of one.  

The Best of Orlando

We just got back from a 10-day Summer Vacation in Orlando, Florida.  Our family went almost 14 years ago, but our youngest sister was just 4 years old.  Our parents decided to take her back this year, after her high school graduation, and I am not on t pass up a trip, so I tagged along with one mission…to find the Best of Orlando.  And I think it was a huge success!